People that do magic, spells, shamanism, etc.?

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From what I understand, self made spells are most effective because they have a stronger and more precise representation to you.
Are there any guidelines for carrying out your own spells? Are candles necessary? What forces do you call on if any? Can you describe a simple spell you might invent, and how you might carry it out?
What’s up with the disrespect guys? You are the people making this forum intolerant.
Thank you for your serious answers. Chris J, that was very informative, thank you!

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Happykid? you want to stay happy? than you don’t want to do any spells, you have to contact demons to get them to carry out your requests, and you don’t want to know the cost! It is your soul, at first they will answer your request but then later they say they own you and God is the only way to get away from them and it its by the name of his son Jesus that they will leave you alone and that name alone. So start there and ask the one true God to grant your requests not demons!

Raoul Duke

It’s just make-believe, so use whatever guidelines you wish. Remember, no one has more magical than you.


You have to have on a bathing suit. Candles are essential. You call on the forces of the ocean waves. Swim all ye little fish. Then blink and check to see if they are swimming.


Yes, any spell you write yourself is going to be much more powerful because you put your own energy into creating it.
In my opinion there really are no rules as such, you don’t need candles. People often use candles because it helps set the mood and can be used for helping focus the mind.
Now the type of magic I practice involves working with Galdor-Staves (bind runes). For that you’d have to study the runes. Basically it’s combining the different runes to bring about a desired effect by drawing them (or carving them). Hexology works pretty much the same but with geometrical shapes and symbols.


Actions speak louder than spells…!

Moiraes Fate

Ignore the nay sayers.
I’m not going to teach you how to do spells on the internet, sorry. They aren’t toys.
There are no real guidelines for creating them so long as they are personal to you. The items that are used are only to heighten your own focus and concentration. They don’t actually have power in and of themselves, its you that does.


Sympathetic Magic is the easiest and the oldest of practices. A very old “spell” is as simple as getting a yes or no answer by plucking the petals of a flower or placing a kissed petal of a rose in an admired one’s pocket.

Impossible Princess

Yes, self written spells are more effective but, if you’re new to it, you’ll naturally be nervous so practice makes perfect. You should Google spells or how to write a spell. There are a few sites that will guide you in the process. Really, you can do whatever you want. You can make up the rules. The more personal, the better because you’ll have more faith in what you’re doing. Just do your research to get some guidelines and go from there. Listening to too many sources isn’t good so just try to stick to one way of doing things so your chances of getting better are higher.

mexipino ako!!!

You think David Blane uses strings when he does his levitation tricks?? lol That dude gots demons on his side..


That is true. You can use candles, but don’t need to. First you need to decide what your desired outcome is. Then you need to figure out the correct time of the month. Then you figure out what you need (from the elements) to carry that out. The four main elements are air, earth, fire, and water. Each of the four directions represent these elements.
But before you try ANY of these, you need to clean your aura and try to strengthen it. I would look into books to find out how. There is a lot that goes into a spell that you just can’t put down on paper…but the most important part is you and your spirit, and faith in the elements that it will work.


Your energy and desire is the most powerful so casting a spell yourself is highly effective.
However it is my understanding that it takes work: there are so many books available on the subject and so many various kinds of spells you can do and they all don’t involve candles. I love candles personally but you can find many spells that don’t involve candles. The forces you call on vary this is why it’s so important to read everything about the art first before you begin.

chris j

everyone has different beliefs and traditions.
part of my power is divine, it comes from the gods. my spells are really more like focused prayer. this is paganism.
some of it is natural. i consider this witchcraft,
for a simple ritual or spell
i would spend several days meditating on my EXACT intent. and writing the exact wording and design of the ritual. when i had figured out exactaly what i wanted to accomplish then i would preform the ritual when the time and energy was right.
a sample ritual to send healing energy to a sick relative (one that i have done several times in past weeks) would involve 3 gods.
Nemitonia, Celtic Goddess of rivers, and purifier of sacred spaces.
Grannus, Celtic god of healing and strong bodies.
Cerunuuos, Celtic god of the forest, the horned god. (he is my patron god.)
without giving exact wording (my rituals are very private)
first i would set a small fire and create my altar around it. and call to Nemitonia to bless my circle and ask her to make it sacred and pure. and to let no negative energy enter or leave that space.
this is to ensure that all of the energy that i send is of a positive nature.
then i would call Grannus and ask him to aid me in restoring the health and strength of my sick relative.
then i would call Cerunuuos (he usually shows up before i call him , but it is out of respect that i preform the call anyway)
and i ask him for guidance and wisdom to do the right things.
then through a ritual designed to gather energy i gather as much energy as i feel that i need to be successful. and then focus it into an desired intent. then i ask my gods to bless and purify the energy.
then i shape it into the form of a strong and healthy copy of my loved one, and send the energy to them so that it will aid in restoring their sick body.
after this i give thanks, and leave an offering of bread, tobacco, wine and burn some insence. i dismiss the gods, but am sure to do it in a respectful manner, i always say you are free to go or to stay as you always are, and thank them for their effort.
then i cut my circle opposite the way that i cast it and clean and care for my ritual items. they then go back inside my house to my perminent altar.
i prefer to work outside , sometimes weather will not allow this which is why i have an altar inside.
of course this is just my belief, there are many traditions, you should read up on Pagan beliefs and see if they are right for you first.

Yahoo Blows Chunks

yes, life is like like candly floss…..home made is more work but it sure is better!

Cannoli Junkie

Happy Kid, as you have already noticed, this is not the place to ask your question about spells and I apologize for all the nay sayers you have encountered here and for the people who ignorantly believe that the devil will come and snatch away your soul and carry you off to Hell. You do not need candles. They are used simply as a device for you to focus. One thing I learned many years ago was to try to envision what you want and then to create a frame around it in your mind’s eye and to hold it there as long as you can before you go to sleep. You can also find some suggestions on Google by typing in Wiccan spells. The only thing I would advise against is trying to play God and forcing your will on someone else.


Kabbalah is a great thing to study, and it works!
Get closer to God, he will do your ‘magic’ for you.


Self-made spells are most effective, in my opinion, because every word carries the creative imprint of your energy. Just reciting a spell out of a book doesn’t have that same level of investment.
Candles aren’t necessary, although they do make handy repositories for magical energy if you want to charge them with an intent and then burn them later. (See Witchcraft 101 below.) You could just as easily use a stone, or an amulet bag with herbs, for example.
As a Wiccan, I call upon the God and the Goddess when I do spellwork, usually in a specific name/aspect that’s appropriate to the type of spell (Apollo for healing, Bast for love, Brigid for poetic creativity, etc). But you can just as easily call upon no Gods and Goddesses at all, and simply visualize yourself directing the energy of the universe into the intent you want to realize. (Again, see below.)
Speaking as a Wiccan, I’d say the main guidelines for carrying out spells are:
1) “If it harm none, do what you will”. No spells to cause someone harm. No spells to compromise another’s free will (love spells of the “make so-and-so love me!” type, for example).
2) Witchcraft 101: Magic works because everything in the universe is interconnected by webs of energy. This is why doing healing magic with a lock of hair from the sick person can be very effective: that lock of hair contains their energy imprint and sends the energy you’re directing right back to them. This is also why a representation of something (the sick person’s name written on a piece of paper, or a particular herb associated with healing) is sometimes used.
3) Magic is usually very literal, so be VERY careful! Asking for $2000 to pay a bill might result in your beloved Aunt Beatrice suddenly dying — and leaving you $2000. Always make sure that you state precisely what you’d like to happen and precisely what you would like NOT to happen (personally, I add “with harm to none” at the end of every spell just to be on the safe side).
4) Magic requires mental focus. Without it, you’ll be like a surgeon trying to conduct an operation with a butter knife when what you really need is a scalpel. Most witches spend months and years learning how to sharpen their focus so that when they work magic, they have that scalpel ready.
As for an example of a simple spell… my Full Moon group performed this spell back in January of 2006.
JANUARY 2006 FULL MOON RITE — “Banish Negativity” salt with seashell holders
(Components: Seashells, permanent ink marker, salt.
(Instructions: Place empty seashells on the altar in a circle around a container holding the salt. Place ink marker close at hand.
(The purpose of this spell is to charge the salt with the power to banish negativities (for use in a bath, for example), and to charge the seashells to hold this salt and contain and preserve the charge that has been placed upon it. A rune will be drawn in the interior of each shell to facilitate this.)
First, consecrate (by passing through frankincense smoke) and inscribe the shells: “I bless and consecrate thee, O shell of the sea, that thou preserve and contain the power of that which is placed within thee. Wherefore I inscribe thee with this rune of power, Algiz, that thou mayst aid me, in the names of the Goddess and of the God.” As you speak of inscribing the rune, draw the rune on the inside of the shell with the permanent marker.
Next, charge the salt: “O creature of salt! Be thou infused with the power of the Light, to banish troubling negativities with thy touch, in the names of the Goddess and of the God.”
Raise energy and concentrate on your goal with the chant: “Earth my body! Water my blood! Air my breath and fire my spirit!” When energy has been raised, ground it into the container of salt. Each person then scoops out some of the salt with their shell, stating: “The power to banish! As I have willed, so mote it be!”
(The salt and shell are then taken home, to be used as the individual wills. After the salt is gone, more salt can be charged, or any sort of empowered herb/incense can be placed inside the shell to hold a magical charge.)
That was very long-winded — thank you for your patience. 🙂 If you want more advice about spellwork, feel free to email me or to discuss the subject with other Wiccans on Beliefnet, at
Best of luck to you on your path!


Forget the others. I agree with Lokaenna( sorry but my typing skills from high school have deteriorated for putting the accents were you did). Candles can be used in most spells(called candle magic). Some have Patron Deities that they call on but if your a beginner calling on the Muse of Inspiration would be a good start.
Ritual bath to cleanse your body of negative energy. followed by prayer or meditation for focus in clearing your mind.Then there are several ways to go from there. The simplest would be to write your spell on a piece of paper or velum. and burn it using a candle and dropping the paper into a bowl to burn to ashes. praying that your Deity will answer your request.


It’s always best to have done some studying before actually starting to cast your own spells. If you’re an amature, it’s best to go to a New Age store and buy them.
But yes, ususally the best spells are the ones you create yourself.
Candles aren’t necessary, it depends entirely on the kind of spell and majic you’re using. I use them anyway because they help me channel energy (earth energy or my own spirit energy) and candle majic is what I specialize in.
Most of my spells are pretty simple. I use different oils and tinctures that are then used in meditation or to “bless” other objects (pillows for helping with sleep, green candles for helping with money, red candles for helping with love, etc.)
Hope this is what you were looking for.

Luce's Darkness

You won’t be able to make your own spell if you’re asking other people to do it for you.
Read some books. Research. Always remember to keep an open mind and don’t desregard something simply because of its title. And when you know what you’re doing, you’ll know what you’re doing.
Remember things like this aren’t something you can just have someone teach you in an internet chatroom or buy with so many expeience points like a video game. It’s something that takes practice and intelligence.


Spells are enacted prayers. The tools you mentioned, Candles etc are to help you focus your intent.
Here’s an example.
Love spell
You need:
A pink candle
a Pen
a piece of paper.
Write your name on the candle with the pen. Lick your thumb and wipe it over your name to seal your intent.
Make a list of the qualities you want in a perfect mate.
Light the candle and place the list under your candle.
(please use common sense when working with FIRE.)
the energy of the candle is adding energy to your spell work. it’s taking the list you made, and searching for the right person for you.
Do this during the waxing or full moon for best results. You should meet your new love within 7-14 days.


Example of a black magic spell:
In the name of the holy spirit, hear my call. Mother earth hear my call.
The guardians and Guds of the underworld i envoke thee, hear my prair. – then write carefully down what you wish for and what you not wish for. Most effictive back on the photo of somone you, wish to love you ,or wish to harm. WARNING:If you try to make harm to somone inecent. Then trust me , the only one who will be harmed is you. You should allso have written/paintig down on the photo the magicall symbol of the pentagram or the hexagram. ex the pentaagram: magic symbol the pentagram you who represent the forces of good and evil. you who represent the 5 wounds of christ, and the elements give my curse/spell extra strength and power.
Seal my words and grant my command. Then buirry the photo 12 pm on a cemantairy or burn it under a black candle ,that you have by your self filled with negative or positive energy.
This is my own ritual and it crosses and blends diffrent kinds of traditions and magic. But most importent. It really works, 100%.
I think that focus and energy in your innerself is most importent…..


weight gain so obese spells


Thanks Prairiecrow and the other positive helpful people, some of you made me proud to share what you believe with my very Christian husband. may your days on the earth be long and happy and may the many searching for themselves find the light through you. so mote it be, times three. 🙂


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