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People that can see auras?

Why is it when people who can see auras don’t like a person. they perceive the person they don’t like as having a dark aura. How could any aura reading be accurate if the person’s who is reading don’t like people with long hair, or some just as petty.


  1. I can see aura. People have particular auras tha can some how explain who they are. Some times people deep inside have something bad in them which people pefer not to like. Or they are just prejdice
    The human aura is an energy field that reflects the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are and in turn are affected by our surroundings and life style. The aura reflects our health, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease – often long before the onset of symptoms.
    Close to the skin is the etheric aura. It is seen as a pale, narrow band that outlines the body, usually no more than half an inch wide. It looks like pale smoke clinging to the body. This is the visible part of the etheric body in it’s contracted state. During sleep the etheric body expands greatly and opens to absorb and store cosmic energy. The etheric is better named the vitality sheath or energy body. After sleep it contracts, forming a dense sheath around the body close to the skin.
    The main aura is banded around the body – strata like. Imagine a person with thick, coloured hoops of light dropped over them and you get the idea. These colours emanate from the chakras. Basic energy is drawn up from the planet through the feet and fed into the chakras, much like a plant does with water. Each chakra is a transformer that generates energy of a different type and colour. The strength of each chakra depends on the person’s nature and life style. Together these chakras generate the dominant hue of the aura.
    The main aura is photo-sensitive, it reacts and expands in light. The aura’s chakra system can be likened to a tree. Energy/nutrient is drawn up through the feet/roots and fed through the body/trunk to the chakras/leaves.
    Many experts suggest people can be classed by the basic hue, or the dominant colour, of their aura. For example, Blue means a highly spiritual person, trustworthy, honest. Orange means an emotional type of person etc… I have found this to be misleading. The aura is a complex and changeable engine and cannot be judged so simply.
    The aura is sensitive to colour. It reacts to the colours of clothing and to that of its surroundings. This accounts for our natural likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing the colours that surround us.
    The effect of colour on the emotions is well known and are they widely used in hospitals and institutions to calm agitated people and put them at ease. Pink is the most frequently used colour for this. It is the emotional colour of love and happiness. Watch a mother’s aura when she first looks into the eyes of her new baby, and falls head over heels in love. At that special, happy moment, you will see this most lovely of auras in all its glory.
    There is a whole science devoted to the use of colours. This is called Colour Healing or Colour Therapy.
    It is impossible to get a clear view of the aura through clothing. The auric colours of the clothes react with the person’s aura, causing interference that blocks and changes it. For example: A Blue shirt will flood the natural aura with Yellow. Even neutral coloured clothing will block and dim the aura making it difficult to see.
    Disease: This shows up in the aura in many different ways, sometimes weeks before any physical symptoms. An ear infection, for example, will show up as a shadow over the side of the head before any symptoms appear. This shadow will gradually change into a murky, khaki Green. As the infection takes hold, it will become shot through with Red and Orange flecks. Khaki and murky Green with Red and Orange flecks, is commonly seen with any infection.
    Death: When a person is dying the aura changes dramatically. I have observed the auras of people with terminal cancer in the weeks prior to death. First the aura fades and weakens, and then, a week or so before death it expands, changing into a beautiful pale Blue shot through with Silver sparks.
    Why most people fail to see the Aura
    The most common reason people fail to see the aura when they first try is simply the way they go about it. The human aura is not a good training ground for beginners.
    This is what usually happens: Your volunteer sits and waits, for a long time, while you strain for a glimpse of their aura. You are trying to relax and concentrate and master a tricky visual technique, all at the same time. You subconsciously worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored or impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or both? This kind of pressure causes tension that effectively negates the relaxed state needed to see the aura. Trying to get results under this kind of pressure, as a beginner, is next to impossible.
    Email letters from a young man. It shows a common problem encountered when trying to see the aura:
    >>David:> “I was sitting in Economics class when I started to see a faint white glow (not really though, I can’t really describe it), it was surrou

  2. People that see auras do so because they are straining their eyes or because of a medical condition, there is no evidence that they exist except as an illusion or your imagination.
    I guess if you don’t like the person you imagine that their aura is dark, it’s no less valid than imagining some nice rainbow colors.

  3. A spiritual gift doesn’t make a good person. So if someone is judgmental and rude, they are going to be that whether they can see auras or not. The same goes for psychics. There are some psychics out there that are very gifted and also very negative. It is a dangerous combination!
    A dark or muddy aura doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is bad. It could be that they are suffering from psychic attack, are in an abusive relationship or are on drugs…prescription or otherwise and those are just a few reasons for a dark aura.
    An aura can also have holes in it, or dark spots that could be reflective of an illness or a traumatic event in their life.
    I don’t think that everyone sees auras the same. Their own psyche might communicate the aura to them in a way that they can understand.
    I have only seen auras a few times, I tend to feel the energy, as opposed to seeing it.

  4. I`ve seen some kind of glowing light around people and even myself when there`s a bright background mostly
    I can stand in front of a mirror and if I concentrate I see that glowing light around myself,though I don`t know if it`s the aura,I think it is, though i can`t see any more details beyond of that

  5. The evidence is that auras are superstition. How do we know? Auras supposedly extend outside the body and thru clothes. Try this experiment – Hang up a curtain and tell the aura reader that there may or may not be a person directly behind it. The reader should see the aura through the curtain. When this experiment is done the supposed aura readers score no better than random chance.

  6. I have no clue I’m only 16 and its really confusing to me cause ts only happened a handful of times but the last time it happened i was at school walking with a few friends back to class and it happened very suddenly all I saw was just……….orbs EVERYWHERE I turned and I had to squint my eyes and when i did I got really dizzy and my best guy friend caught me bc I almost went down a flight of stairs
    edit: oh and there was this weird white light surrounding my field of vision

  7. A person doing an aura reading does not look at clothes, or hair, or other visible features; they look at the field around a person, several inches, sometimes feet, emanating from the person’s body. A person who reads auras knows how to go beyond the surface of judging people; a sensitive aura-reader will not like someone with a negative dark aura. Probably because auras and energy is sometimes contagious. If you were around someone who smelled bad, for example, you might pick up some of that smell. Same thing with a dark aura. The aura reader is just trying to protect themselves.


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