people tell me i have multiple personalities?

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many friends of mine see a quick change of apect of my character and tell me they think i have personalities- which is sort of true but not really- for example- i am devious and into desires one minute then a spiritual aspect comes out and i dont wish to be in desire and push it away (boyfriends always tell met this actually) or i am into fixing cars and then into talking philosophy. why is this abnormal- cant one have an expanded mind frame? why cant i love 500 different things? and ya it all changes rapidly so i can see what they mean but is this really personality shifts? I think its just different aspects to me but others dont see it like that. I dont change the way i dress- i change my interests in the world around me- i am an idealist and i generate from everything and anything new- why would people not understand that that i am smart?
devious meaning- i want to have this posession and that posession- like a car and what i have to do to get a car would be devious- like being a stripper…then i realize wait that is silly because they are just posessions and they come and go it stops my desires- materialistic things…… then i drop it knowing that this is not where true happiness is. lol but that chain of thought happens so fast and in my head noone understands why one second i am this and the next i am that…
im just wishy washy that way- erratic is a pretty good way to explain my mind actually
but is erratic crazy?

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That is not multiple personality. That is just a little erratic.


I think your friends are a little off base. Sounds like they got used to putting you in the dog house. M P D is a serious condition and none of what you shared is related to the condition. Expand your friendships for one. Most important don’t allow people to scape goat you

Sharon R

Hate to break it to you gurl but you just bipoler !!!
Go to you doctor and get some medicine. GURRL DID YOU NOT SEE THE ADS IN TV??!!


First disregard what Sharon said. Apparently she thinks she is a physiologist that can diagnose people online just like that. VERY ANNOYING and ignorant!!!
People who suffer from bipolar have severe lows and highs. Perhaps one more prominent then the other.
I’m not sure if I am understanding what you mean when you say “i am devious and into desires one minute”. I took it as you feeling very sexual. It is common for people who suffer from bipolar and are experiencing a mania(high) to has allot of sexual energy.
In no way am I saying I think you have this. I am not a therapist and even if I was one I would not be able to diagnose you with something online.
I don’t see why any person who knows what multiple personality disorder is would think you have it just because you have so many different interests. What is wrong with that? Nothing.
If you are concerned that you may be suffering from some sort of mental illness please consult with a therapist. If your not just relax and think how awesome it is that you have so interests to keep you busy, entertained and happy 🙂

disaster girl

Eh tell your friends, “Im sorry that it bothers you that your just not as interesting as me”
Your not mpd. And its nice that you seem to know that.
So its hard for others to pin down what you are all about. Good for you. You have a lot of interests, you feel how you feel rather than trying to fit into what you think you should be like. You sound spontaneous and interesting. Erratic is exciting and unusual not crazy. Those who know you – especially if that is just how you really are- never get bored of you… unless they are like concrete and just cant fathom how your mind works.
Variety is the spice of life. Then again I may be a little bias im rather eratic myslef.


First of off, the term is DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder)
Secondly, it is EXTREMELY difficult to diagnose, and only a few actual cases exist, even the story of “Sybil” has been found to be a fake!
I would have to say that you are more than likely bi-polar, and are a rapid cycler, you can get medication for this, or if it doesn’t bother you and only bothers your friends, tell them to either deal with it, or not, their choice!
You should only seek mental health if YOU feel as though there is something wrong..Your friends telling you that your “mental” isn’t really a diagnosis…if you think you need help, then by all means seek it out, if you don’t see the problem, I would have a chat with your pals and tell them that it makes you selconsciousus that they are always saying things like that. Explain to them that it makes you question who you are…if they are REAL friends, they will make an effort to be understanding, if not, find a better class of friends!

Dr. Ed Slack

We all have different sides to our personalities and sometimes they pop up quite loudly. This is usually not a problem as long as they’re not acted upon impulsively, (which usually ends with some negative consequences). If it’s a problem or not depends on if it bothers you or not. Because it’s easy a lot of folks go to the medicine cabinet quite quickly these days, when that may not be necessary at all.
Have you tried a practice of meditation? Often this can help us learn to quiet our sub-personalities and feel more integrated. “The mind is like a monkey stung by a scorpion, babbling all the time” is what we usually find when we start to meditate. Keep at it and hopefully the babbling will be in the distance before long.


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