People live with Telepathy?






I believe its true to be honest with you. I was reading an article about what is possible. Well the government may have people who have telepathy powers. They were either born with it or somehow a chemical was made to give the person these powers. Another rumor is that the governments scientists have chemicals that can make people have telepathy powers. And the opposite, can take them away from people. Not only that but the world is the world. Is it possible? the air we breathe, what we eat. How do we know we cant move things with our minds but theres a chemical or something making it to where we cant?
lol Science interests me 100x more then anything else. Smart mo-fo’s that work for the government. ahhaa


  1. It’s most likely untrue. Because if telepathy exist, then it must have existed since the evolution or creation of man. And therefore since it existed to that long, it would only be logical that science can give us abilities for telepathy.
    Plus I don’t it’s important because even if there are people with these powers it’s gonna be like one out of a billion something. And I don’t see the point in trying to find an event that occurs one in a billion.

  2. Hi,
    Actually i believe that if I practice our mind’s power (but, it’s really hard), we can move things (telepathy)..
    Well, ‘lil bit scary though!

  3. Well, the thing is, telepathy is the ability sense the thoughts of other people. Consider that your brain is a mass of cells. Most of your brain is made of glial cells, which support and assist the neurons. Neurons only make up about 10% of your brain, yet they do most of the work. The function of these cells are to receive and send signals to each other and to other cells of the body. So how telepathy possible? The brains of others are separate from your own, unable to transmit anything directly. You are stuck in your mind as well. This seems like another conspiracy theory.

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