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People have an energy, whether it's positive or negative. How can I change mine?

I notice, when people gravitate towards another person, that person tends to own a positive, charismatic energy. They generally like being around them, but what I’m trying to figure out is what is so special about this person? What gives them this fantastic ability to attract others even without trying?
I guess attitude and confidence has something to do with it. But it can’t all be about that. My energy is pretty much on the positive side, but I don’t really attract people constantly. I just don’t understand how certain people just have it, and others just dont.


  1. i think its just their personality. i always wish i had that energy. i see my friend who naturally attracts everyone, and ive always tried to figure that out. they’re just a genuine and fun person inside and i guess it shows. also, its easier for some people to start a conversation than others.

  2. I was just commenting on introverts vs extroverts in my last question. What makes introverts want to be like an extrovert instead of accepting themselves for who they are. Some people gain strength in crowds, some lose it, some have many friends, some just a few but those few are life long friends. I’m just now starting to accept that my introverted’ness is not a crutch but a blessing. While some people can make tons of friends that orbit them for awhile and fall away to be replaced my more just like them, those friends of mine will stay with me through thick and thin, years and years of positive relationships with a few seems better than weeks and weeks of positive relationships with many.

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