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People are taking my parking space at work — what is the universe trying to tell me?

We do not have assigned parking spaces at work (we and others in the building park anywhere on the second floor of the garage). I started about 1 1/2 years ago. Its pretty clear that everyone worked out their preferred spaces and others apparently respected that. When I arrived I chose a space that was always free and not all that close but which makes sense for easy out purposes. Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago when the space is now ALWAYS taken before I arrive. That was NEVER the case before. Now, always. What do you think about that? Are people just not very nice and was I a fool to not just grab a golden spot myself from someone else 1 1/2 years ago and say, HA HA, they aren’t assigned? THat is not my style, but it sure seems to me that nice guys certainly do finish last around here. If we take this as a message from the Cosmos or Karma, what do you think I am supposed to learn from this. I do not want to feel like a victim. Should I treat this as a sign that change eventually is to be expected, and now find another space to make my own? Or is there a bigger message here? I did get pissed last week when I realized that I was dealing with 5 people who just didnt give a hoot about the fact that I would be inconvenienced if they did not work with me to finish a project. One, ignored my calls and called the next day 1 hour before the deadline so that it was impossible to finish. Another, who was supposed to do the task just didnt and then I had to take it at the last minute — he went on vacation that day so I had to cover the inconvenience…. the client “forgot” to call with authority to be flexible until 730 pm that night after it was too late to do anything etc.
What do you think? Is the parking space thing connected? I have no other job prospects at the moment and not enough savings to just walk….


  1. I’d say that Karma or whatever is just testing you, just be the good guy and go with it.
    It will turn around in your favor eventually.

  2. Here is the message. Somebody else (or more than one person) finds the spot convenient for any number of possible reasons and gets to work first.
    As for problems on the job – you need to sit down and rethink everything from how work is assigned to how you connect with the other people on the same project as you. You need to be proactive – you set up the agenda, you contact everyone and tell them what time and where and what to bring. If this isn’t possible, you go to the person who gave you the assignment and get permission or ask them who the facilitator is or if you can do it. Somebody has to be in charge of the working arrangements. This person is not the “boss” on the project, just the one who is best at getting everyone together and on task.
    You need to keep in touch with your supervisor about how things are coming along and get his support when you need to put a fire under someone. You do that not by complaining about someone but by asking for the help you need to get people on board.
    As for the parking space, if you want the same one every day, find one that isn’t so convenient for everyone else. If you want “your” space, get their earlier than the other guys. If you want an assigned space, move up the ladder or find a job where spaces are assigned. I’d just take the first convenient one that someone else hasn’t staked out for himself. You don’t want to be like the guys who took over yours, do you?

  3. I for one am with you – – what gives? It’s thoughtless on the other persons part and most likely without any malice… but it leaves you in the awkward spot of confronting them about it (if you know the car and can match it to a co-worker), or being frustrated about having to try and ‘beat’ them to it. I say stand your ground and do what it takes – try to find a way to nicely approach the offending party and let them know you’ve claimed that spot and see what they say… hopefully they’ll be fine with it.
    My problem was solved this way – – but now I have another (newer to the company) person taking my spot. Ugh, she’s higher up the food chain than the last person, so I’m less sure about approaching her (although she’s very nice and probably would be very accomodating and not choose that spot again), the unfortunate thing is the timing issue. I run the front office and don’t “need” to be here any earlier than I am now, if so, I’m just stretching my day out longer with no benefit other than “my spot” in the parking lot…. I would love to ‘turn off’ my concern over this small thing – but I guess its just indicative of how I feel about this company and my place in it. I’ve changed my mind… maybe it’s time for you (and me!) to find other jobs.
    Positive Mental Attitude! Keep saying “I will find another job, a great job, one that makes me feel fantastic and where I am respected and well-paid.” It’ll happen. Good fortune to you my friend!


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