Pentagram dream?

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as i mention in my question pentagram colors
i keep dreaming of this pentagram thats looks like pewter like and about the size of a silverdolor. it has a single red stone ion the center and writtings that deal with what i could make out is religion and speaking devine words. the rest of the writtings look smiliar to angelic laungage commonly used for angelic evocations/magic and it bears the name iof the angel of faith on one side, the other is mercy, grace and i think thelast is reconciliation/redemption. there are a few runes of norse origion and it radioates a holy aura aiweht a warm healing and clensing feeling.
now this is starting to consume my dreams and day dreams.
somehow this is trying to tell me something but thats what i need help on. and one thing i can tell is the blood red stone in the center is extremely important to me and a lot of people
its the angelic launage and i been able to read them otherwise i cant write it on here.
i been able to read angelic script since i was about a yearold

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Peter D

Maybe your dream is telling you that you should become a jeweler…at the Renaissance Festival.


What are the names mentioned? What sort of divine words? If you know the meaning of the words presumably you know the words used.


Only you can decide what it means to you. It could have somthing to do with the element it stands for with the color red, or maybe you need to do a spell and you need to use the pentagram??


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