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past lives???

Does anyone believe in past life regressions like they speak about in the book “journey of the souls”… just wondering what others thoughts were on this subject… and have u read the books?
to kate… I guess the attraction to it would be that we have a purpose.. and that living here and the life we’ve gone through good and bad.. is set up as life lessons for our next time around… idk.. just thought it was interesting.. not that I believe in all of it.. wanted to see what others views were on this as well..
wow lucky.. thats really interesting… thanks for everyone who has answered 🙂


  1. no, no no, but i recommend you Raymond Moody . is much more interesting that all this yogy stuff. i personally don’t believe anything about past lives , and stuff like that

  2. I don’t believe in reincarnation of any kind. I am me, myself. I get one shot at this life, no second chances.
    Can you tell me what the attraction to the idea of reincarnation is based on? Is it a desire to experience the past in a different way? Is it a way to feel connected to something? I would love to know.

  3. I find this to be an interesting question.
    Did you know that the idea that we are immortal spiritual beings goes back 2500 years?
    These were (and still are) taught in the teachings of the Veda, Vedic hymns, Tao teh King and Buddhism that I know of for sure. Also, Scientology has some of it’s teachings rooted in these as well.
    There’s another book on the subject called “Have You Lived Before This Life?” by L Ron Hubbard that shows actual case histories that seem to bear this out. If you would like to know where to get this, you can message me.

  4. Absolutly I believe in past lives! I’m an immortal soul. I believe that our spirits are who we are, not our bodies! I’m pretty sure I’ve been around for a LONG time!
    This body I’m in is only mortal. It’ll live about 80-100 years then I get to go play the game of life again!

  5. I don’t know if I believe or not but sometimes have a “flash” of a memory that could not possibly have happened in this life or in this day and age and it is as if it has actually happened to me. I find it interesting that I get several of these over a course of my typical week.
    I’m not religious and attribute these “memories” to something I might call ‘universal sympathy’. I’m definitely a humanitarian and think we are all one people and what ever happens to one person, happens to us all.
    I don’t believe in the ‘supernatural’ and fortune tellers, psychics, medicine men and such but I certainly have some strange sensations sometimes. Ever have an incredibly vivid dream but you’re not asleep? WOW! It really makes me wonder and its terribly interesting. I don’t find it scarey but it makes me stop and think for a minute.
    Anything is possible but lots of things just aren’t likely. Life is for wondering and without wonder, it would be so boring. It is fun to consider what it all means but I suspect thinking about it too much is just a waste of time. Its fun to talk about these “flashes” but its just like telling a dream. I don’t put a lot of stock in them or worry about it much. Its just interesting.
    Maybe there are past lives and maybe there aren’t, I don’t think there is anyway of knowing for sure, just as you can’t know for sure if heaven or hell exists.
    We are here in this life and this is all we can do for now. I believe in living in the present and not spending too much time dwelling on the past or even possibilities of the past. Its a gift…that’s why they call it “THE PRESENT” and “The Present” is all we really have for sure.

  6. I haven’t read the book, however will be picking it up.
    I can only speak from experience……. when you find a person that your life parallels….. there is a connection beyond verb age, there is no time. “tick- tock tick- tock” as we know it daily that applies.
    There are 3 people I can say I’m enlightened enough to have this with ….. let me put the elephant in the room…… When you are SO close to a person… know there thoughts, ongoing likes and dislikes and not actually keep in touch with this person daily….weekly …..or monthly…. at best.
    It’s a connection that doesn’t ride the waves of time, however, it is a continuum beyond…….


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