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Past life regretion??

Has anyone ever had past life regression? what was it like, what did you find out… also can they be scary?


  1. NO!! we should live life to the fullest, and have not regrets!! We live and we learn, and it wont happen again. thats just how life works, “thats the way we roll”

  2. Sylvia Browne has a fascinating book on this subject. Lots of great stories in there! I highly recommend it. She talks about how our deaths in previous lives can continue to affect us, both psychologically and physically in our present lives, especially if they were very violent, traumatic deaths. She describes many past life regressions that she’s done on her own clients.

  3. When I was three I had woken up from a very short dream that seemed very real to me. In the dream it seem as if I was on the ground in the forest and I was dying. I still remember this “dream” 36 years after I had it. I attribute it to remembering the end of a past life. I felt very terrified when I had this dream and woke up in the middle of the night. It seemed to real to be just a dream and I think it was a memory of a past life.

  4. Yes. I’ve gone back to past lives on this planet and way, way further back. Into older universes if you dare. The methodology of going back like this is an unpoplar thing out there so I won’t say what it is. Pay attention to your dreams, they’re not just random things being created by your brain, they’re foggy memories mixed with a little bit of interpretation and curent events. Our situation has detoriated to what we have to today, but underneath it all we are something much greater and not expected than what we think we are. Just watch out with looking back, you can come upon bad memories that can be upseting.

  5. I do have strong images of American Indians/18th Century times in my mind when I close my eyes or just out of the blue.
    I don’t think I live in the past. I think we all live in many places at once in many dimensions. That is why we dream, see, think “odd” things.
    The soul is uncageable so we are everywhere at once.
    Time is an illusion.


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