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Past life regressions and methods?

I’m not usually in to this, and I’m not supposed to be, but I’ve become very curious about past lives and maybe finding out about my own..if I had any. I’m a little of a skeptic about it, but I want to try it. Are there any safe methods I could do on my own and how?
I also think that /maybe/ if I did have a past life, that it was from the Victorian ages..I’m just very drawn to the era and could imagine just living there. Liked I belonged there once or something.
Do you think this is possible?
Thanks for your help. (:


  1. Hi Rissa,
    It is quite possible that you could have had an incarnation in the victorian era. Often, when we are drawn to a past era/ period of time, place etc, we find that we have existed in that time.
    There a are number of safe ways to find out when and where you may have lived previously. Probably the best way is via meditation. Learn to relax your mind and just allow things to come to you. Anything that relates to your life now, acknowledge and let them go. Slowly you will become more and more aware of things that have some meaning to you from the past or from your higher self. Look at these thoughts and try to detatch all emotion from them, remember that they belong to the past and are not of your present or your future. Take your time and do not rush, sometimes it can take months to ‘go back’ in time.
    Another way is to buy a guided meditation cd for past lives, and work through that regularly. Always remember to work slowly, quietly and without distraction. I find it best to try before sleep at night. Often I find that if I fall asleep during self regression, information comes through in dream form.
    I hope this helps you and if you feel that I can offer you any further advice, please email me. I wish you a wonderful journey and a beautiful and peaceful future. 🙂

  2. it is not possible to know ur past life. only when u r done with the circle of life and death u can see ur past lives and everything. if u feel drawn to this era from some reason, yes u might have been in that era once in ur previous life. remember, everyone including animals and plants becuz theyre living, have souls. i feel connected to certain things ive had no experience of in this life, so that explains that i have been in those things in my previous life. u know, u were probably a tree or lets say a bird in ur previous life. ppl change forms thats why when u get salvation u r free fo all of this. i dont know what u believe becuz ur probably christian, but im Hindu, this is what Hinduism says, and it is the ultimate truth above everything else. hope i helped.
    and back to ur question, no, u cant just do some random thing to remember ur past life. dont try, concentrate on THIS life.

  3. It’s very possible that you lived during the Victorian era 🙂 A good meditation could help answer all your questions. I’ll give you the link to one that always works for me. I’ve used several meditations for finding out about my past lives and someone sent me to this site- it’s worked every single time I’ve used it, so I hope it helps!

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