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Has anyone had it before? How did it feel afterwards? Or before? What did you feel while you were there? Do you do past life regression? How do you coax people into doing it? Are people completely different in past lives? Do people only remember their famous past lives?
It’s all for a report, and I need some good resources. If you have any additional info or any info that you can’t answer, post anyways, I’d love to hear!


  1. I’ve never experienced this and don’t really know much about it except what I’ve heard but it’s an interesting question. It seems that we do seem to imagine ourselves as having famous or very interesting, exotic past lives. An interesting idea that a lady told me once was about ancestral memories. She had the theory that when we experience “de-ja-vu”, it’s actually a memory that’s kind of encoded into our genetic makeup of something our ancestors experienced. Interesting theory.

  2. No, in fact I had to google it but it seems really interesting. I read a book by Paolo Coelho called “Brida” where she practices past life regression, it was really cool. I just might try it.


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