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Past Life Regression Therapy…Real or a Hoax???


  1. Hoax.
    To be more diplomatic – I’ve never witnessed a convincing example of alleged past life regression, either in print, in live demonstrations or in televidsed demonstrations.
    Nor have I heard anyone provide an explanation of how the lives link together such that we could remember events in previous lives. Or why, if the memories are there all along, so few people claim to have tapped into them, with or without assistance.
    Lastly, even in those religions which encompass re-incarnation, the idea of being able to remember past lives makes no sense. On the contrary, these religions seem to teach that whilst a “soul” of some kind transfers from life to life, and is shaped to some extent by each incarnation, the lives have NO mental link and people are NOT aware of any past existence.
    Which, if you believe in multiple lives at all, seems to be a far more credible scenario.

  2. Hoax. It’s for gullible people who frantically want to believe they’re special, but are incapable of really doing anything special.

  3. I am not sure. I don’t think that I could trust it because you never know what information your brain has retained that you are unaware of. Besides we all know how weird dreams can be so I would never know for sure where these thoughts came from..However there are some very compeling cases of this that have some strong evidence in favor of past lives.

  4. I have been regressed into past lives three times. I, from my experiences feel there misguided so not a hoax more just nonsense.
    One of the elements which I find the hardest to accept is the idea that the client is suffering in this life because of deeds in their last. Strikes me as bigger nonsense as flat earth and creationism.
    I have now worked successfully with thousands of people and I have never found the need to refer to any problems outside of this life.


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