Past Life Regression Session?

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Has Anybody ever had a session where u were hypnotised to see who u were in a past life?
Im interested in giving this ago?
Also Im not sure i could be hypnotised….
Many Thanks x

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There is no evidence for any past lives.


a fool and their money are soon parted….$$..there is no past life…


every time i see a programme or read about someone that has claimed to lived a past life they have always had an exciting time or done something glamorous! where are all the chinese peasants or potato farmers?!


If an atheist considers our consciousness conceptual why would they believe there is no consciousness after?

physical death? logic doesn't not need time, space, nor matter for logic to be...its a concept as would you differentiate the two concepts...

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Have you heard of Aleister Crowley?

What do you think of the guy? why do i ask...i dunno...just curious i guess...i heard a rumor that he was barbara bush's daddy

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