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Past life regression meditation?

I am high on marijuana, and so I decided to do a past life regression session on myself and explore my past lives. I called on the spirits of good knowledge to enlighten me with the conciousness of my past, to protect me and guide me. I started writing down on paper automatically, as though something was moving my hand for me. I wrote important words that came to me, and went with it. I have found the words on google, but how can i detect what language they are? do u know what im saying/
at one point during my meditation i thought i heard men ransacking my house. i heard banging and hooting, i was soo scared i jumped up and ran upstairs and hid. i almost had a heart attack my pulse was racing and i couldbnt breathe.


  1. First off, I would not recommend any drug use during meditation, even though I have used them too. The clearest and most profound sessions I’ve had were when I was in total control and under self-hypnosis. Along the same lines, asking for help from spirits is not something I do either. You never know who might show up (like the banging and hooting men). I had a similar experience while under the influence of drugs when I asked for a particular entity to come to me. It is something I will never do again. You must banish the “men” and close that portal immediately. You really don’t need assistance to visit a past life.
    As for the automatic writing, I too have written important messages which came to my pen by an unseen hand. This is not something I actively attempt it just happens. These messages have always been in English. Not knowing the words or the language it is impossible for me to even attempt to decipher the meaning. Besides, as said before, what was written is relevant to you and your life. You should first evaluate how you feel about the words and then go ahead and try to translate them. You already know they were important so knowledge can be gained from your interpretation. Most of the messages I have received, either mental or through writing, have usually been easy enough to read, but there are a few which still mystify me. I often think on them and wonder when I will fully understand what was communicated.
    Good luck with your quest and feel free to e-mail me if you think I can be of further assistance.


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