Past life regression hypnosis, if you have had experience with this, what was it you saw?

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I have given and recieved hypnosis and by far the most interesting part is the detail you wouldn’t normally find in a dream!

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David W

Probably a psychiatrist for the next 5 years.


A family, me walking out the door… meeting someone to have an affair, I think. Then darkness. It was WAY freaky.


I am the hypnotist & the most graphic description I ever had was a person described a stagecoach ride in great detail.
She described the luggage (carpet bags) and the passengers clothing in great detail. She described the departure point and scenery along the route.
I have had several other regressions but this was the most detailed.


I don’t trust hypnosis.
In my view, “past life regressions” are induced memories.
Induced by hypnosis itself.


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