Past Life Regression – how true is it?

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How true is Past Life Regression, does a person actually remember his/her past life or is it just lucid dreaming. How is it that he/she remembers. If Past Life Regression is true, does it mean that a human is always born as a human in next life and there actually is a next life?

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All stories are to help you find God and truth, but they are just stories, neither God nor Truth.


When “past lives” are carefully investigated, they are shown to be nothing more than clever acts of imagination, often very wrong in dates, details, etc. and often remarkably similar to books read and places visited.

The Reverend Soleil

Utter nonsense.

mia delight

I have done it through hypnosis by a professional, it was fun and I remembered several lives. I don’t know if it was an over active imagination or reality. It seemed to make sense, and explained several of my fears and views on life.
Who knows.


Not at all.


Well, people will undoubtedly give you different opinions on this, but my opinion is that it’s not real. Most “past life regressions” tend to fall into one of these categories:
1) The person remembers a past life and gives details, but when you actually check those details out, you find that they’re incorrect.
2) The person remembers a past life, but the details are so vague that you can’t prove anything one way or the other. For example, they’ll say things like “I lived in a house in a field in Europe.” How could you possibly check that? It’s so vague that it proves nothing.
3) The person remembers a past life, but when you check it out, you find that they’re actually “remembering” scenes from a movie or TV show or some other form of entertainment.
In other words, it’s basically a combination of your imagination and memories that you may have gained from some other source. If it was real, I think that scientists would love to study it, but they’re not, and I think that fact alone proves a lot.

-FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

I have participated in and facilitated many past life regressions through hypnosis … The thought process is that past life memories are part of our permanent memory that helps us to be who we are and balance any and all karma … that’s the reader digest version …
Are they real ??? I don’t know … but they have excellent therapeutic value … I have seen it happen many many times …
Yes we always come back as humans …

Chris Q

As a Hindu I really wish this checked out as infallible truth of reincarnation, but truthfully it falls short. It is 100% completely true that if you ask someone hypnotised to go back and recount a previous life they will do. Unfortunately if you have seen stage hypnotists you will know that if you ask people to describe their communication with Martians, or how they walked across the atlantic they will do too.
There are one or two intriguging cases where people are said to have revealed something they could not no. There was a case of someone who described hiding in a cellar in a building in York which did not have a cellar. Later archeologists discovered there was one. I have read of other caseses where no explanation could be found. There was another case when several “separate” people gave accounts of the crusades that tallied with each other. Unfortunately this turned out to be the hypnotist asking leading questions, which is a great risk if the hypnotist really wants an answer.
In short I think there is some interesting evidence that gives some support to it, but I would consider it far from proven.

Eclectic Heretic

In both Buddhism and Hinduism, reincarnation is taken for granted. Actual regressions (i.e. memories of a past life) are rare but they do occur. A child born in one place may remember events/people from a past life and when taken to where that life occurred, they can correctly and without prompting recognize people and places and relate historical events in the life of that community. While rare, it is not considered unusual.
Personally, I believe that our consciousness is eternal. However, in this culture I live in, the ability to remember past lives is not accepted and so we do not develop that ability or it gets shut down if we do have such memories.
Blessings on your Journey!


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