past life regression exercises?please help me!?

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ok, i have been looking on the internet on how to find out my past life’s but nothing is the answer.
do you have any exercises?
please help !

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Beeg Juan

It’s all a bunch of baloney, just like believing in god.


Nothing IS the answer! Quit wasting your time on such foolishness and concentrate on making a life now. “Past life” is crapola that liberals feed upon, like “root causes”. You had no past life, so work on this one. Don’t waste this life worrying about “what if”.


First I want to say past lives has been proven. For the skeptics, read some of the works of Dr Ian Stevenson. (for those not familiar with him, he was a professor at the University of Virginia) He wanted to prove/disprove if people had lived previously. He would not accept any case unless he could verify someone had actually lived a past life. When he first started out, he assumed he would not find any; instead
he had 100s and 100s of documented cases.
Try and find a hypnotist /hypnotherapist in your area that does past life regressions


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