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Past life regression? Brian Weiss?

I have read many of Brian’s books (NB:Not all), however there was something I wanted to find in his books, but didn’t.
My Question is: Were/Can Schizophrenic patients (be) wholly healed when undergoing past life regression in hypnosis?? Has it been tried? Did Brian Weiss speak anything of the relation of Schizophrenia with past life regression he was practising?? And if not Weiss, maybe some other profssionals?!?
I would appreciate if you could give me some reachable information where further investigation could be made.


  1. I loved his book Many Lives, Many Masters. I may be mistaken but I thought his book Healing Through Time touched on this subject.
    It has been many years since I read his work so I may be mistaken.

  2. My own personal feeling about people with schizophrenia is this: When we are born to this world, we have built in protections that keep us from interacting too much with the “other side”, but as we mature, some of us can bypass some of the protections, to serve as mediums etc. Sometimes a person is born without the proper protections in place, and this I think is the reason for some mental illnesses, that they are too easily able to access the other side, and get confused between this “reality” and the other “reality”, and just plain can’t cope with it. I realize it sounds like a weird theory.
    The theory that it could have a cause in a past life is also valid however, but I don’t know if it’s ever been done, or if it is successful to do that.
    I am not familiar with Brian Weiss. I have read a good number of books by a guide named Seth, who was channeled by a medium named Jane Roberts, and a good many of my ruminations are based on ideas I learned there. They talk about reincarnation, along with alot of other ideas.

  3. First of all the past life regression he is talking about is a sham, and not real, secondly families may travel the same general path in reincarnation, but they most certainly don’t need healing …they have chosen their life intent, and you need to mind your own business.


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