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past life regression and the reincarnation facts?

Is past life regression necessary to have a susses full live, and is reincarnation truly exist or is a myth


  1. The debate over truth or myth will continue to go on as the only evidence you can offer someone is anecdotal evidence. Which isn’t enough for most to accept as fact. That being said, it’s enough for me and no I do not believe it’s necessary in order to live a successful life.

  2. there is no nee for regression for good life. we have to take life as it comes with positive attitude and work in harmony and with law of nature.
    Without the fact of reincarnation so many of the situations of our life can not be explain there is law of Karma also.( action reaction) we may not Heat result immediately but get in some incarnation it may get stored to come in to reaction at the right situation.
    there is no debate

  3. One straightforward statement that speaks directly to the idea of reincarnation is found in Hebrews 9:27-28: “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many” Without any vague terms, the writer of Hebrews explains that the general course of man’s existence is to taste death only once, and then be judged based on the actions that were accomplished in that one life. In order to underscore the number of times a person dies, the inspired writer declared that men die the same number of times that Christ was offered on the cross–only once. Such a statement goes a long way to prove that the Bible does not teach for reincarnation.

  4. Reincarnation is pretty much impossible to prove scientifically, and so it belongs to the section ‘beliefs’. I believe it, and I think I have seen and heard more then enough proof to believe in it firmly, but that proof would be merely anectodal for you….
    Past life regression is not necessary to live a successful life. In some cases, it could even create more problems. I have witnessed people who were helped by it to solve some serious problems, but others can be quite confused with the memories of a precious life.
    If you don’t have a serious problem, it’s probably safer not to get involved.


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