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Past life experiances?

I have been trying to listen to a past life regression cd every night unfortunately I fall into a deep sleep every time (my sleeping has never been so good- I might recommend the cd for that) I have felt a little bit disappointed. I live in a small rural town and can’t see anyone to do this professionally but I truly feel that not far beneath the surface of my subconscious are experiences that are ready to be rediscovered – how can I tap into these effectively? Do I need someone to help me?


  1. Not to be a wet blanket, but according to the Bible and my experience, there’s no past lives nor re-incarnation. This is our first existence, then an eternity in spirit. Make sure you are right with God before you leave Earth…

  2. Wow, the bible. Can’t argue with that scientific evidence. there’s no proof of past life experiences. blah blah blah. It’s made up by someone just trying to make the world more exciting than it really is.
    however, understanding HOW it works is quite intriguing.

  3. Past life experiences are best with the help of a hypnotherapist trained in past life regression.
    If you are doing this yourself, listen to the cd while sitting up in a chair to stay awake. The experience of regression is like having a dream, except that you are awake and aware that you are having the experience.
    As you practice, ask your mind to take you back.
    Don’t worry about the sceptics. People do not accept things they have never experienced. Most religions accept past lives and reincarnation. The christian church removed most references to it from the Bible in 500AD. We are born many times. We just don’t remember until we find ways to practice.

  4. once I lived a very simple life.
    I was a jam maker, very poor who walked barefoot along cold ineven stone floors in le France.
    I wores me white apron a stained wit red rubbish and jammy seeds o’ raspberries all obber it.
    I twas poor indeed ….
    every morn’, “time to makey the jam n jam pies” [for royalty on the other side of town across the hoof driven horsey tracks]
    me awoke to start me day, an smiled at the sun in le window with tears of happiness dripping down me old 93 yrs. old face.
    me toes twas purple, but not due to stains of berries.

  5. Many people on this earth believe in reincarnation. If it makes sense to you, then go with your own feelings.
    I do not think it is easy to tap into past lives, and I have my doubts about “professionals” in this area. I once went to a woman in New York who told me I had lived in pre-Roman times in Italy, where I knew some of the same people in this life. However, what she told me just did not feel right.
    I suggest instead that you take a good look at your likes and dislikes, your innate abilities,and your reactions to people you just meet. You should also start writing down your dreams to see if there is a pattern or a theme which is important to you. You may not get anything like a clear memory of a past life. Even those young children in India who reportedly remember past lives lose the ability as they get older.

  6. What you need to do is stop and consider how rediculously silly the concept of reincarnation actually is. For some reason, so many people accept the idea like its nothing, and never stop to really think about the hows and whys, which make it silly.
    Even if reincarnation was real, memory is physical and storred in the biological brain, so it would be impossible to access memories of past lives, as such memories would be buried with the body.

  7. instead of using the cd when you are ready to retire for the night, try using it in the afternoon when you just want to take a nap. That way you wont be so tired and wont fall into a deep sleep.

  8. maybe your past life was so crappy is the reason you fall into a deep sleep….your past self doesn’t want to go thru it again!!!!
    sorry i couldn’t resist

  9. You believe people have distinct, individual spirits. You believe people’s spirits are reincarnated whole. You believe that spirit maintains the memories of all past lives it has experienced and these memories survive intact. You believe this memory is only accessible through a hypnotic state.
    All of those beliefs are baseless. There is no evidence that any of those are true. The only reason you have even heard of past lives is because some people have “remembered” past lives under hypnosis with the assistance of a “therapist” who asks suggestive and leading questions.
    I’m not saying the idea of past lives is impossible, I’m just saying it’s extremely improbable and that the “evidence” upon which this belief rests is a manufactured falsehood.

  10. The thing is sometimes so called “professionals” concot a story to what they “think” you want to hear, and to boot they charge you out the arse, I mean basically think scam.
    I wouldn’t mind getting hold of the cd myself….I could use some good sleep, and I’m sure the rest of the household would appreciate it too, lol!
    What about your dreams though? Have you had certain repetitive dreams that are just….well strange? Have you tried keeping a dream diary?
    I have actually learned about my past lives thru my dreams. Ones that I’ve had pretty much as long as I can remember. I never thought too much of it until I tried to put them in a solid story, but there was so many gaps and missing peices. My husband held the other half, lol!
    Like one said, look at your likes and dislikes………
    or, perhaps it was so bad that you aren’t ready or willing to remember it, at least not yet.
    Have you tried meditation?
    Than there is the possibility that maybe perhaps you aren’t suppose to remember anything yet, that you haven’t reached that level, or there is no need to. Keep trying, don’t give up, but don’t try to feed yourself info that this is your story. It’ll come to however much in pieces and fragments. I’ll see if I can find anything to help and e-mail you if I can.
    Good Luck!
    Where did you get that cd at…..I would love to sleep for 8 hours straight.


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