Particularly psychics, could you answer a question?

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Mkay, a lot of people have felt something was going to happen and chalk it down to 2012. Personally, I don’t think the world will end. Before I start rambling, I’ll get to it. Whether it be a cosmic shift, the end, or some mass spiritual enlightenment, people have theories about what’s about to happen. I have no idea but I have a thought. I doubt it gets more than that, though. Anyway, do any of you psychics feel something big about to happen? If you do, do you have an idea of what it is? Is it good, bad, or in-between? Will it impact the entire earth? Is it, in anyway, supernatural?
Preferably, if you do feel something will happen, where is the scientific proof? Though this is more of a religious question, I’d like some ACTUAL facts. Not bible verses.

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Don’t trust the Psychics. Put your trust in God. Study His HOLY WORD DAILY.
Proverbs 3:5,6
Matthew 24
Romans 10:9
Psalm 14:1

General D. Ypsilanti

dear dark, there has been a great deal written about 2012. Who knows what it means?
I have seen predictions that the reason the earth population is so high is because
all souls want to be here for the “lifting of the Veil” Which alludes to an end of
3rd dimension life and entry to the 4th dimension understanding. Perhaps a large
scale back of earth population.
Several astrologers expect big changes based on the positions of various planets
but apparently it is not something they have seen before. Changing signs, as is now occurring,
only happens about every 26000 years. We are in process of moving from Pisces
to Aquarius. Some change of mentality is probably going to happen.
The change will be more spiritual than physical, although many souls may abandon
their current bodies at that time.


good things awaits earth.. whats gonna happen is that there will be another matrix.. matrix of oneness.. what was not based on integrity will fall apart.. because Our mission as humans become more consiousness and realise the lies and illuzion around us.. that prevent many people to live free. so thats what gonna happen.. slowly slowly things will change… and what made of love will rule the world.. thats my feeling.. and many many people who are all in to these stuff tell something similar to this. So no WORRIES … WE WILL WIN!:)GOOD ENERGIES 🙂


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