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Parents, do you ever feel compelled to rub the buddha belly for good luck?

My guys, right before they go through a growth spurt will form a “buddha belly” (slightly protruding belly) in which I call their “buddha belly” and rub it for good luck. It’s just something silly we do and they would giggle over it.
Any odd or out of the ordinary stuff you guys do w/your kids?


  1. My son and I are very silly. Probably one of the oddest things we do is go and look in the mirror about 10x a day and I tell him “that’s the mom that loves her son” and “that’s the boy that loves his mom” over and over and he just laughs and laughs. It will be one of the things I miss the most (can you imagine me doing this with him when he is an adult? lol, it can only last so long!)

  2. We make up our own moves in tickle wrestling. My favorites are the “Australian Ear Bite” and “Brazilian Belly Buster”. He’s getting bigger and stronger now and able to hold his own. But when he was little, it was his favorite and a good way to get rid of that last bit of energy before homework or bedtime.
    We also like to have nerf dart shoot-outs. The darts “stick’ to doors and windows. My wife will find one stuck to the front of the dishwasher, or in the kithen sink. She’ll show it to us and my son and I just bust out laughing.


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