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I have been experiencing sleep paralysis.. does it have anything to do with me practicing astral projection.. i have not done it in awhile.. right after i experienced this.. i heard a voice telling me something.. don’t think I am crazy.. i just don’t understand it… everyone keeps saying it was a dream but i could see my room when this happened.. can anyone give me an explanation


  1. As I understand it, Astral projection is actually a method of enhancing lucid dreams – a state halfway between dreams and consciousness. Sleep paralysis is the samething, so it makes sense that the two might be linked.

  2. When you’re in the middle of an episode of sleep paralysis, you’re kind of in that fuzzy area between awake and asleep. You can still see your room and you might think you’re wide awake, but you’re also dreaming at the same time. Visual and auditory hallucinations are very common in this stage. It’s kind of strange, but whatever you see and hear when this is happening isn’t real. I’ve seen and heard many things in this stage — people calling my name, apparitions above me, loud noises in my ear, etc. But nothing you see or hear has any meaning or significance; it’s just your dreams blending in with reality.

  3. Being a seasoned pro, I can tell you that it is highly unlikely. It is possibly that you have completely drained your chi though and may require time to regenerate by taking the energy from around you. You will, over time, build up your chi and be able to do it unhindered.
    It has not happened to me, though I was doing Qi Gong for years before I attempted any of the ‘arts’.

  4. When you go to sleep, your body progresses through several levels of sleep:
    Stage I you are drowsy, your body slows down and you begin to relax.
    Stage II is a light sleep, heart rate slows, the temp drops. There is some movement of muscles.
    Stage III and VI Delta sleep or slow wave sleep occures here. This is the deepest stage of sleep,
    Stages I to VI can vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours
    REM sleep then occures. This is where a part of the brain basically separates the body from the brain and you are in the classic sleep paralysis period. This is also the period where dreams occur. REM sleep is almost indistinguishable from a waking period or stage I light sleep. Your body may twitch, Heart rate and respiration increase. The paralysis that occurs is basically intended to keep your body from acting out whatever is occurring in your dreaming state. The state of sleepwalking is a failure of the body to dissociate the brain from the body during this state.
    Given that your brain is as active as if you were awake, your mind is succeptable to stimulation thought the senses, including hearing, feeling and light.
    If you awaken during or shortly after REM sleep, when your mind is active, you will remember your dreams and what occurred. If someone is talking or the radio or TV is on, you may remember parts of what was heard or felt during that time.
    Lastly, you mention seeing your room. Basically dreams are very vivid and multi sensory. Your memory has a complete map and picture of your room stored. The recall of the imagery is just as vivid as had you actually have had your eyes open and were awake. Think of it this way, most of your dreams that are recalled are just as vivid. You may not have considered that possibility.
    The current hypothesis about alien abduction is that it happens during this stage of sleep. Vivid dreams and memories coupled with the “paralysis” are interpreted as being under the control of aliens.
    Just an aside, there are some 4 million people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. One has to wonder about those claims. Given that one would think that if aliens had mastered intergalactic space travel, they would be able to deduce the specifics of human anatomy and physiology in just a few examinations. And why would they travel millions of light years just to anal probe some 4 million people?? Interesting article at: http://www.csicop.org/si/9805/abduction.html
    Hope this answers your question!

  5. Hi Denise,
    First of all, I cannot fully, 100% prove to you that what you might be on the verge of experiencing is an astral projection or a lucid dream. I do not know everything about the science of the brain.
    Below, I will explain part of my experiences with the phenomenon of astral projection and also state logical reasons as to why I “believe” some of these instances were “not” a lucid dream. Remember, I cannot empirically prove this, only provide anecdotal evidence.
    I have actually experienced this phenomena known as astral projection; indeed, it is mysterious. While I do not think it necessarily has to happen while in a fully conscious state, I will testify that I was, in fact, fully conscious at the time of this projection (this being the difference between an astral projection and an out of body experience where the body is unaware of it’s surroundings). Astral projection is simply put, being consciously aware of your physical surroundings while also having an awareness, or partial awareness of a “spirit surrounding” if you will. Based on my understanding of this parapsychological phenomena, I believe it is best I explain a theoretical explanation on the nature of the body and soul:
    The physical body exists in three spatial dimensions. Left/right, up/down, and front/back. The physical body travels through time, but it does not exist spatially in time. This means that the physical body cannot perceive forward or backward in time, and it cannot travel forward or backward in time. It is locked onto the crest of the linearity wave on which it travels. The soul, on the other hand, exists spatially in four dimensions. The result of this is that the soul can see and travel forward and backward in time as easily as the physical body would look or walk down the street. What happens in an astral projection is the soul sort of gets into a split incarnation (both in the body and outside, I believe). The soul houses experiences, your sense of identity and awareness of self.
    Now that I’ve cleared that up, let me get back to my experiences and why I do not believe astral projection is a lucid dream (that doesn’t mean some people could confuse a lucid dream for an astral projection by the way).
    First, I want to make it clear, I was not on any drugs at the time, nor had I taken any drugs prior, had a history of drug abuse, nor have am I mentally ill or have any physical brain abnormalities. There is no reason to suspect my astral projection was triggered “entirely” by neurological mechanisms.
    With respect to how it works:
    I won’t speak for everyone but when it happened for me, my body was paralyzed (it is my understanding, the body paralyzes itself prior to sleep to prevent sleep walking). In my state, I was in essence, just very comfortable which was enough to trigger this physical state while my brain was active but put my “body to sleep.” Being ever relaxed, laying flat on my back, I eventually felt a strange sensation, a vibrating energy if you will…it had a loud buzzing noise (in my close calls, similar noises and vibrations could be experienced before a projection would occur). Eventually, what happens once this “energy” reaches a certain “state,” it is actually able to transcend what I would think is 3 dimensional energy and allow the soul, or a 4 dimensional energy to break lose. In this state, my body sort of jolted and I felt this intense “thing” fly out of me. When this happened, it was indeed quite interesting because it was like having 4 sets of eyes…what I “think” were the “soul’s” eyes and my own physical eyes. Sight is relative, there is no limit I believe to how much you can see in a split incarnation of self, but in my case, I seemingly saw with 2 sets of eyes instead of one. It was hard to explain because, it didn’t seem like the other set of eyes came from my “brain or imagination.” While I did not have a shared awareness of what my “soul” was thinking or doing, I “felt” its actions and “felt” where it went. There was nothing rational about it. Only the animal brain had some sense of rationality by which to try and comprehend this strange occurance. I had traveled at an immense speed, at some point, it seemed like I “transported.” As to the rest of what happened, I do not think it is so much relevant, so much so as the fact, I did experience this. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of nay-sayers arguing it was my “imagination” or it was a “lucid dream” as many have so pointed out. And indeed, I do think it is best to take the skeptical approach on this because I tend to think science can better explain such phenomena better than our hopes and desires can. 🙂 Of course, I given the extreme consistency I have had with trying to astral project and coming into astral projections with no expectations whatsoever, I can say, it is hard for me to discount these experiences and only use partial dreaming as the answer. Certainly, that does “seem” like a logical interpretation, but it doesn’t mean I can disprove this was indeed an authentic astral projection (the fact that my body jolted, the intense vibrating energy sensations I felt, the buzzing noise, there was always some consistency with this despite never expecting this to happen). I cannot prove what I experienced, but perhaps you can verify and see if your findings match my own. Regardless of the understanding of this phenomena-scientifically speaking, the fact is, it is an “experience” that many people report and it was quite similar with respects to other astral projection experiences I have read of after my many brush ins with astral projection.
    My advice, if you want to try to “astral project,” the best method I have found is lay flat on your back, arms at your side. Be comfortable, don’t move. Stay awake but allow your body to get into that paralytic state (don’t worry, you can break out of it if you want at will with a little effort, you aren’t “trapped” in a paralytic state while conscious). You will eventually feel the sensations I described, you may feel something else, I do not know. Your heart may begin to beat faster (this is ok, but if it makes you too uncomfortable, know that you can stop the process at anytime). Eventually, as I said, you should reach that state where you will “feel” this essence “fly or push out of your body.”
    To the skeptics, I would say this:
    As for the skeptics, call it what you will, even a manifestation of brain chemistry, but don’t deny the phenomena unless you actually “try it.” Who cares what it is, it’s pretty fun to say the least. Give it a shot and let me know if you succeed. One thing I will say, we do not fully understand everything and science is always evolving. Maybe one day, we will be able to fully uncover the mysteries of astral projection…
    Additionally, I would not discount out of body experiences. There is a lot of literature of people who have experienced this phenomena (example: during operations) and who have successfully reported to others what happened during the unconscious state.
    Denise, if you want to discuss this more, feel free to message me on yahoo messenger: ID: joeyfarar or email me.

  6. can you see with open eye or was it dark?
    Me it was dark but one voice gives me the answer and it said move any part of your body i try to move my little finger and it feels like i got self cardiac-shock treatment then i wake up.


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