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Paradigm shift in 2012 ?

Quote from a chat board :
” As you likely know, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. A lot of people claim this will be the end of the world. However, the Mayan calendar BEGAN based upon both the appearance of a specific star, and a magnetic shift on the planet. It’s likely that in 2012, this star will appear again, and the magnetic shift will take place once more… could this magnetic shift create a spiritual paradigm shift as well, and the star be taken as a portent, an omen, a fulfillment of prophecy? In ages past we were lovers of female goddesses, the earth mother… somewhere along the way, we switched to the masculine god, we had Amun, Ra, Odin, Yahweh, our father who is in heaven… did this shift come at the last magnetic shift? This warlike, masculine patriarchy that has reigned for thousands of years?
Could the next magnetic shift change us back to a more socialist, maternal society?
… ”
Any thought ?


  1. Shift back to 1747 when a New Jerusalem was introduced due to the Last Judgement predicted in the book of Revelation.

  2. Hindus had emphasis on both types of Gods throughout both “shifts” so I dunno. It could have an effect on humans but who knows how.

  3. Interesting idea. I have read a lot about the 2012 end of the workd. I have to say that if the end does come it will be man-made and it will be Christian flavored.
    Until then my new puppy is doing very well at destroying everything in sight.

  4. No-one knows the day or time, not even the angels.
    So keep your eyes on Jesus and just worry about today would be my best advice.*

  5. There’s an “occult” doctrine of the “Procession of the Aeons,” which argues that in the memory of man we’ve progressed through three distinct stages of religion: first, the “Aeon of Isis,” the Matriarchal Age, characterized by straightforward worship of nature and the Mother Goddess – the age of “paganism.” This Aeon is considered to have spanned from about 2000 B.C.E. to the dawn of the “Common Era.” Second, the “Aeon of Osiris,” the Patriarchal Age, characterized by worship of the “Dying God” as typified by Osiris, Dionysus, Attis, Adonis, and “Christ,” all of whom are slain so that they could be resurrected in perfection. This Aeon spanned from roughly 0 to 2000 C.E. Third, the “Aeon of Horus,” the current age, that of two sexes in one person, of life and death as alternating phases of existence, of the resolution of all such antitheses in the realization of their relativity.
    This is obviously a very complex and far-reaching subject; but it’s borne out by conventional anthropology and archaeology. There was certainly a marked “paradigm shift” 2,000 years ago as mankind transitioned from simple nature-worship to the blood-soaked, death-obsessed fetishism we in the West know best as “Christianity.” Civilizations and cultures crumbled and were replaced by new ones which reflected the new current of energy. It can certainly be convincingly argued that we are in the midst of another such paradigm shift, that humanity is experiencing the growing pangs of the Next Step in the evolutionary process. As always, there are people who resist change and try to hold back progress, but “conservatism” as such is a loosing battle. There is no going back, and it’s equally impossible to “stay where we are” indefinitely.


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