Home Discussion Forum pagen v.s. taoism... which came first? 10 points!!!!!?

pagen v.s. taoism… which came first? 10 points!!!!!?

which spiritual belief came first?
my bf said that pagen was the first practice of all spiritual belief and that even taoism branched and originated from it
i think taoism was first, but if anyone can give me the first practiced belief, that would be most excellent!!!


  1. Tao is a Pagan belief. Pagan beliefs are generally considered any of the non-Abrahamic ones. Most likely some form of shamanism was first which would have been Pagan.

  2. Since Pagan would mean any religion other than the Jeudeo-Christian and there were religions long before Taoism….Pagan religions are older but very doubtful that any of these originals still exists today.

  3. Paganism is not a “spiritual” belief – it is a “religious” belief since religion is man-made. Yes; Taoism did branch from religion [paganism] , as it is man-made. Your boy friend is correct.
    It is a natural, “built-in”, human, state of being to desire a relationship with someone or something to fill a void in one’s life. Whether it be “religious” or “spiritual” , with something or someone – apart from the self.
    Authentic Christianity is spiritually centred; whereas, Atheistic and all other “religious” beliefs chase after the physical or the material to fill this void. No human has nor ever, will, live in a complete vacuum ! Whatever, one serves is his or her own god … it’s “either” … “or” !!!

  4. Well, as it happens Swifty,
    I do know the precise answer to this one.
    About ten thousand years ago, there was a massive disruption in human being upon this planet. This caused a split into two distinct groups – one practising insanity and the other attempting to maintain the previous harmony.
    The last major crunch between them came in the 15 th century when the catholic church, the principle molders of the insanity path at that time (a role now taken over by the pharmaceutical conglomerate, Monsanto and their ilk) chose to attempt the complete extermination of those preserving the ancient ways.
    The pagans are the natural decedents of our ancient history (even though they no longer know much of it). The taoist way is much, much later and one of the many attempts to reconcile humanity with itself once more.
    So, Paganism has its roots a very long time before the tao but the tao has managed to mostly maintain the integrity of the teachings.
    The answer, therefore, is a question of degree which denies a yes/no conclusion.
    Blessed be.
    Karma Singh

  5. Most concur that Lao Tzu was born either in the 4th or 6th century BCE. That would make Taoism be at the MOST less than 3,000 years old, if you consider the Tao-Te Ching to be the beginning of true Taoism.
    Now, documented practice of Hellenismos began a little bit after that time. As far as the Romans, their religion was begun before the 6th century BCE. Besides this, considering the vast amount of religions which fall under the pagan category (some even consider Taoism to be a pagan religion), I’d say that yes, paganism is older than Taoism, assuming that Taoism isn’t pagan to begin with.
    edit: Oh yeah, and the ancient Egyptian religion is several thousand years older than Taoism.


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