My friend has told me that I am very unconcentrated in my head as well as my spirit. He told me for months how great of a chaotic Pagan I would make, except I would need lots of practice to actually sit down, concentrate, and open my mind’s eye in order to actually practice. I have been in a religious struggle for the last 3 years and have studied all the different religions, and still to this day am still not sure whether I should listen to my spiritual mother and pick up a Solitary Witch book, or listen to my friend’s warning of being weary of my current status.
Now, Some points he made are obvious, and one in particular comes to mind: Be careful with Chaotic.
Should I settle down and try to do certain things like the healing Magick that I was born with (I’m Native American) while incorporating the chaotic into it? Or should I avoid doing anything and remain confused and unsure about everything?
Um, my friend’s dad is a Pagan High Priest and said I was declared a Priest of Storms by Zeus, Borais and Poseidon. Is that legitimate?


  • Nice post. It’s easy to romanticize about the Druids but Caesar wrote about them and was convinced they partook in human sacrifice. The only way they could please the gods was to kill people, criminals if possible but if not, someone had to get it.

    “The whole Gallic nation is virtually a prey to superstition, and this makes the serious invalids or those engaged in battle or dangerous exploits sacrifice men instead of animals. They even vow to immolate themselves, using the Druids as their ministers for this purpose. They feel that the spirit of the gods cannot be appeased unless a man’s life is given for a life.

    Public sacrifices of the same sort are common. Another practice is to make images of enormous size, with the limbs woven from osiers [willows]. Living human beings are fitted into these, and, when they are set on fire, the men are engulfed in the flames and perish. The general feeling is that the immortal gods are better pleased with the sacrifice of those caught in theft, robbery or some other crime. But if a supply of such criminals is lacking, then they resort to the sacrifice of completely innocent victims. . . ”

    How much of this is true and how much was propaganda is difficult to say, but the chances are there was some truth to the accusations.

  • I don’t know what part native American you are but I’m part Apache and part Mexican and all i know is you need Jesus. its good to learn about other religions but only the good clean non-magic ones. oh by the Way a real native Americans doesn’t use magic they too believe in a higher being like god ,but they don’t call him god. also its good to respect mother earth but when it comes down to it and you die just remember you will be judged heaven or hell you take your pick. all of this talk about magic black or white or Wicca that is just the devil trying to confuse you to lead you down a narrow and dark path. don’t follow and as for your friend’s father well he should too pick a bible or go to church..remember the good always prevails over evil.

  • I think you need to look at a different path in your search. You say you are native American , have you learn about what tribe your family is from? maybe just check out the bible – it has always work for me . FYI – I’m part Cherokee Indian . May GOD bless you!

  • Let me make this perfectly clear:


    So in basic terms, just relax and do what you want, it’ll work itself out.

  • I suggest you stop listening to others. Especially others involved in fringe beleifs.
    You should quiet self and listen to your inner mind.
    Try reading The Kybalion, or Celestine Prophecy.
    You see what you are looking for you already have.
    You just need to realize that.
    Seek God…
    Seek Truth…

  • lol Wish I could help but i got no clue about that kinda stuf.f…..

    What i do know is….

    If what people are saying confuses you…

    stop listening….. and listen to yourself.

    I wish i could do the same realy but i seam to have a habbit of hidding from myself…lol… so good luck ot you there.

  • No one can be a priest or priestess without a lot of work. You need to earn that it is not just given out. You say you are confused, any god giving someone the Powers of a priest that as no ides what to do with them would be dangerous. That person could cause great damage. I do not know what nation you belong to but they all have ways of opening your mind to what it needs. Find a shaman and get their help. It will open your third eye and allow you to see what you need to do. I have been Pagan from broth but I am also 3/4 Native American. I have learn from both there is nothing to say you could not do the same

  • I would say develop an interest in Paganism in general. Dont pick the branch. The pantheon you will feel most comfortable with will pick you. Research them all.

    Paganism is what is known as a disorganized religion. Anyone can claim to be a priest, but it doesn’t matter unless you know your shit and people take you seriously. I would say if you have a circle of more than a dozen following you, whom you lead in rituals in an educated way, then you are a pagan priest.

    I personally shy away from Chaotic, ritualist, neowicca and in fact wicca of all types, mainly because they were invented arbitrarily based on a half understood mix of other pagan faiths and christianity, and are less than 100 years old.

    As a native American, especially living IN America, that might be the easiest and most comfortable faith for you to work with.

    Depending on the tribe, this usually involves archetype-dieties, a spirit guide, and a totem animal. It also has an increased focus on nature-reverence, as does Celtic Paganism.

  • You are really where you need to be. When it comes to metaphysics and spirituality, question everything. I have been on this path for an awfully long time; I talk to the dead, have visions, and overall, very psychic. I never stop asking questions, including my favorite after a vision: Where the heck did that come from? 😉

    At this point, don’t allow others to define you or what you should be doing. You say that you are Native American and born with the gift of healing. If that is true, then you know you have a very special gift—why not explore that and just see where it leads? Find other people with this gift and learn from them for the sake of learning. Do not lock yourself into anything, just explore, learn, and leave no stone unturned. This includes studying as many beliefs and ideas as you can pack into your brain, including (especially) myths and legends. Below is a site that is a good place to start.

    All the best to you…

  • Wow! Round and round you go. STOP! Quit running until you know where you’re going.

    Sit down, relax, open your heart to Almighty God and ask Him to lead you to the truth….trust Him to show you the way. He will.

  • I dated a chaotic for a long time. He was very unstable. I doubt it was because he was Chaotic but he also was an anarchist who wanted the baphomet tattooed on his left inner forearm and the penticle on his right. He was the most common definition of chaotic and also created nothing but chaos in my life and for everyone around him.

    I studied wicca for a long time and now I believe certain things but I do not practice. I do keep my penticle and an amulet with rose quarts on my door. I do believe the three fold law and like their theories. I love that their hand fasting vows read “until love fades” and The crede is more sensible to me then the bible.

    In the end you need to do what you feel in your heart is best for you. Don’t just listen to others….. if you dabble, carefully, your spirit will lead you to where you belong.

  • You’re confused, that’s for sure. You say you’ve been studying different religions and are still unsure. Talk to your tribe’s Shaman because that is probably the answer that’s been there all along; you were looking for it to be something else.

  • if you focus your energies on what it is that you want and then do a healing ritual for the soul while incorporating a compass in the center of the four roads (wicca, God, Pagans, Hand magick), you’ll find your path. Most likely when your ritual finishes you’ll find your way.

    *note* don’t look of the N S E W of the compass. Clear a space, set it up not looking at the needle of the compass. Lay it face down and do the ritual. When you are done solomnly turn the compass over and see where it points you.

    Blessed Be.

  • I can only offer a simple answer. I avoid things I find to be boring and I’ll try anything I that appeals to me. If I lose interest, I stop. It may not be the best way to live but it’s the only way I feel fulfilled.

  • go deal blackjack at a casino. You’ll have an honest job, and it’ll keep you out of trouble.

    I’d keep away from your friend’s dad for a while. At least until the asylum gets around to letting him back in.

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