pagans, why havent you become one with your god, or the universal consciousness, as Jesus, Buddha, Gandi did?

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well, if they did, they would have followers and could do miracles and stuff.

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how do u know they havent because their were not broadcast

Call Me by My True Names

Who says they haven’t? Everything is One with “God”. It is just a matter of recognizing that in a way that is transformative.

-FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

Maybe I have … maybe I don’t feel the need to broadcast my beliefs because they are very personal to me …


And once again, you demonstrate that you know NOTHING about Paganism.
Thanks for playing, though! *gives you a version of our home game as a consolation prize*

Silver Star Danser

Why are you assuming that Pagans don’t become One with their deities?….And, Pagans aren’t followers, they’re worshippers, and since most have patron deities, you aren’t going to find great big congregations of them lumped together like a cult.

raven blackwing

I am one of my goddess. Why do Christians think they are the only ones that can do that. ANd many Pagan gods/goddesses have preformed miracles. We just do not need to pat ourselves on the backs for what is just something they do


That presupposes they have – especially dubious in Gandhi’s case, btw…I’m unware of widespread belief in his arising to godhood.


Why do you assume that we don’t?

Fire Storm

I’ve been a pagan almost all of my life and I have never heard of this. WE get followers? Is it anything like the game Overlord? Miracles? geez, I don’t wanna do miracles. Then I’ll have all those ppl at my house asking me to heal them, and move this mountain… make it rain for our crops… make it stop raining please… no way. I’d rather just be a “dirty ol’ Heathen” and live my life the best I can.

Wood Uncut

‘Followers’, ‘miracles’ and ‘stuff’?
How narrow your understanding of spirituality must be. And of divinity.

Butch Vlad - Heathen JPA

response: many have. And they don’t need to do cheap street magic tricks to gain followers. Pagans and Heathens aren’t out to convert every1 else because our deities and members are secure in our religions.

Kirra Blackhart

You have a very limited mindset when it comes to religion.
Buddha and Gandhi did not perform miracles. Siddhartha Gautama did not believe in deity, so hence could not become one with any god.
And I for one believes that deity exists in all living things and that we are all one, so your comment is redundant.


Because that’s not really the goal of my religion, smarty pants.


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