Pagans, where do you get your information about other Pagan religions?

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For example, if you are a Reconstructionist who likes to explain to people what Wicca is “really about,” where do you get your information?
In addition, what criteria do you use to evaluate the quality of the resources you use?

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the pagan yellow pages


The Occult


Specifically speaking of Wicca, each person and practitioner has their own view as to what it is “really about.” There are some who are part of certain traditions that have many books written on the topics, but when it comes to solitary practitioners, it is simply a matter of one’s personal feeling and belief.
Personally, I would never dare to say that I know what Wicca is all about, though I am a practitioner as each person can have their own feelings and connections to the God and Goddess…it’s not for anyone else to tell you. We don’t need a special book to tell us what nature shows us!

Books from “occult” shops.
If something shows judgment I usually stop reading it because its a personal opinion of something, not facts.


I don’t know where to get the answer you are looking for, but I must respond and stand up for friends who follow a true Pagan belief system.
Paganism is not devil worship (or occult) as many people think. If you would do a serious study of the faith, you would find that it is an ancient belief system that worships Mother Earth. The people who follow this belief system are very respectful to the earth and all life. I don’t know a lot about this faith, but I have very dear friends who follow it and I would say that they are more “Christian” than many self-proclaimed Christians.

Jen [Ghoast Kitteh]

If I’m really curious, I’ll just ask someone who practices the religion I’m curious about.
For quality, I generally look for historical and mythological accuracy. I’m not going to believe what anyone says once they start spouting off stuff that has no basis in either of those subjects.

Steph Is a Viking Princess!

Well i talk about christianity because i was raised a christian and know some things about it. I used to be wiccan too and the information i share about that i got from when i was reading books about it from when I was interested in it.
Anything else that i really can talk about and not seem like an ignorant ass, i learned in school. such as shintoism, animism, etc.


I’ve found that Paganism is very diverse and personal, so I let each individual define themselves to me. When describing someone else’s version I use very broad terms and explain it’s different for everyone.


I must say, all you people who are giving lectures on wicca in answer to this question are wasting your time, the questioner already KNOWS about it.
Anyway, I am a wiccan, and I don’t claim to know everything, but I answer questions with what I have learnt. I have read many websites and books, and pretty much just combine a whole lot of information about the topic at hand from all the different sources.
Sorry if that didn’t make sense.

love me
and books

Frou Frou

books, my boyf, internet including places like this and sites etc
i use my own brain and my boyfs brain

bad tim, PWO

i started out as a wiccan and became an eclectic after i realized i had a more hindu worldview but lacked hindu culture, and i still use wicca as a basis for my ritual work. but i come from a community of extremely eclectic wiccans, which i try to qualify in my answers, but don’t always remember to. i’ve learned to pick books first from recommended reading lists of other traditions, and to check on the legitimacy of their scholarly work. i check wikipedia for general facts and to find websites, and then go to whatever official websites i can find. as an eclectic indo-european, i make it my business to find accurate information on as many indo-european traditions as i can find.
but i do this for my own personal enlightenment, not to document or compile, so i rarely have specific references when people ask. my research generally involves finding the commonalities among the religions. tho, at the moment, i’m reading fiction [R&S not necessarily included].

Witchy Mel

To answer your first question, I have been readings books about Paganism (Wicca, Hinduism, Buddhism, Witchcraft etc.) for over 12 years. I started off Wiccan and so I have personal experience with it. I tend to stick to what I know from my experience when I am answering a question. I don’t see my experience and knowledge as being the only truth, or the ultimate truth, I just know that it is the best truth that I can provide.
I also am big on results. Through my spiritual journey, there has been a lot of research and then application. If it feels right, if it works, then it becomes a part of my spirituality. If it doesn’t, I leave it behind. I wasn’t raised with religion and my first book on spirituality in any context was by Scott Cunningham and he basically taught me this process and this has remained my simple foundation for years.
As far as evaluation, if something that I am reading is listing historical information, I like to research online (more than just Wiki) and make sure that what is cited is true. But if the author is talking about how they *feel* about a certain spiritual topic, I understand that as being their own personal truth and not speaking for everyone else. As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, many books that I have read over the years have been like that. They may have a general, commonly accepted structure to them but it is the personal truth and experience that makes the book valuable to me IMO. Anyone can regurgitate the basic information of different traditions but when they put their own personal truth to it, you know that they have walked the path and aren’t just talking.
Personally, I try to answer from my own experience. If I don’t know much and still want to help, I like to provide many different sources for the person to research on their own. Often times I learn something new in that process.

Bobby The Wolf - JPA

I’m a recon. and I get my information about Wicca from and from Ray Buckland’s Big Blue Book.
The criteria I use for deciding the quality of these sources is how many Wiccans (that I trust to not be Fluffy) speak highly about these sources.
But when it comes to other Pagan religions I usually answer to the best of my ability or if I know nothing about that Pagan religion then I don’t answer at all.
And I always star for my contacts.


Usually from friends who are Wiccan. 🙂
Even so, any time I give out info about any Pagan path (even my own) I’m generally very careful to use words like some, many or may/might, rather than all, do, must, etc. I try very hard not to use generalizations or assume that everyone under the same label does/believes exactly the same things.
Of course I usually don’t feel the need to explain “what Wicca is *really* about” because that’s no longer my belief system. But I do try and help out other Wiccans by briefing explaining to the ignorami that its not evil, or by distinguishing between Wicca (a religion) and witchcraft (a practice), and starring questions so that people who are Wiccan can give resources that they feel are helpful to the questioner.


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