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Pagans, what path(s) do you follow (also posted earlier in R&S)?

I’m in the process of learning about more paths. I started off as Wiccan 11 or 12 years ago. I’ve explored several other paths, though not thoroughly yet, and at this point I consider myself Eclectic. I do not feel that Eclectic Wiccan even describes me anymore, and lately I’ve been feeling very drawn to Druidism and Shamanism (partially because of my roots, partially because of reasons I can’t put into words).
I’m always interested in learning about other people’s paths, and I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit about your path, like your basic beliefs/practices/deities (if applicable), etc. Thanks in advance, and I hope this finds you well!
Thanks everyone for answering! All of your answers were great. Since I don’t feel right about picking a “best” answer, I’m putting this to a vote today. Thanks again!


  1. i practice druidism, not specifically any formal tradition…honestly i believe formality actually limits our spiritual awareness and understanding…it is sort of an individual enterprise – basic belief for me is to listen to above all else my inner fire, which is connected to the cosmic ocean in which everything exists. sort of tied to wiccan actually, they run along a parallel vein and probably stemmed from the same ancient pagan paths which some of which have come to view things with a certain glint of truth…

  2. I’m eclectic also. I am atheistic. I view deities as being metaphors and symbols for very powerful energies and emotions and motifs, but not as real beings.
    My spiritual view of the universe is closer to Taoism. However, as an expression of my enjoyment of life and its natural process, I like to celebrate the holidays in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. I make my own celebrations, which often include (beyond the usual foods/family/seasonal themes) having a few quiet moments to meditate in the presence of the five elements.
    I also consider myself a natural witch and also a practical one, as I am a busy working mother and my spirituality needs to fit into my everyday life. I use spells to help myself relax and gain the clarity and perspective I need to handle the challenges of life. This is all very personal and private, with little in the way of ritual that would be noticed by someone who didn’t know what to look for. Elaborate rituals with chants etc I find a bit embarrassing, to be honest. I prefer the silence of simply going within.
    Good luck on your path.

  3. I guess you can say i’m a philosophical satanist. I worship no deities. The main belief I follow is to question everything and live without fear. As far as magick goes, it didn’t really work out for me. It could be because it’s not real or maybe it is but I just suck at it. lol. I might give it another shot later on in my life when I have more free time…. shamanism sounds interesting.

  4. thanks for asking in such a nice way.
    the path i’ve taken is the one that has rolled out in front of me. my superior is that” earth power” that lives in me and around me.
    we are only human and were given earth as our garden to tend. it seems that this path of the american indian culture is the path that challenges me and gives me peace. everything else is a question and a gift.
    it makes my journey through this life exciting!
    blessed be!

  5. I consider myself an Eclectic Pagan Witch. I shape my path on my own, often with my personal theories and methods. I am a Witch because I practice Witchcraft, the Craft of the Wise. I am a Pagan (Neo-Pagan to be exact) because I revere, worship and work with several deities of old, including 12 deities I discovered on my own (by that I mean 12 I had never before read about or encountered). I am also in the process of dedicating and devoting to three Goddesses: Hecate, Selene and Artemis. Finally, I am Eclectic because I am influenced and inspired by many different ways and people.

  6. I am Celtic Pagan, but I am looking at learning more about the Druid path. I have great respect for the old Druidic ways and beliefs. Did you know the Celtic wheel of the year was ‘made up’ in the 1930’s?
    The ‘true’ Celtic celebrated only what are now knows as the Cross Quarter days of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas. The ancient Celts really didn’t celebrate the Equinoxes at all. The summer and winter solstices where used to orient their burial mounds and to mark the Light and Dark halves of the year, but that is all.
    I honor Brigid mostly, although I also honor Herne/Cernunous as the male deity form I relate to most. I like the Celtic concept of reincarnation and their belief that all places are sacred. The Triple World concept is also something that resonates with me.

  7. I’ve only been a pagan for .. ummm 2 years maybe 2 and a half. But I found that I am more to following my own path, then any other “real” paths if you say… I believe in my own thing, but still a pagan…
    Sorry not very good at making much sense.
    Good luck on your journey ♥


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