• For my particular path, the top picks would be:
    Greek Religion by Walter Burkert
    Old Stones, New Temples by Drew Campbell
    Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored by Sarah K.I. Winter
    A World Full of Gods by John Michael Greer
    Anything by Karl Kerenyi

  • ‘Gods of the Greeks’ Carl Kerenyi
    ‘Being a Pagan’ Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawerence Bond
    ‘Magika Hiera; Anceitn Greek Magic & Religion’ Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink

  • This is going to be beside the point, but I picked up 777 like you suggested; found it used and for like 6 bucks. But I’ve not gotten far in to it yet.

    But as far as favorites.. I find it hard to think in absolutes; I keep finding more favorite books. Right now I’m in to “A History of Pagan Europe” by Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick. As far as Mysticism, Between The Gates by Mark Stavish, and as far as theology.. I’ll just listen to the other suggestions.. [no offense if any historians are out there who consider history a theology 😉 ]

  • uh, hmmmmmmmm oh yeah, the cathecism, seriously, not kiddin, the books loaded with early pagan and heathen doctrine, traditions and rituals…they “adopted” them from pagans and heathens long ago, so you should “thank” them? hmmmmmmmmm, yeah they stole from paganism and heathenism……….God Bless

  • The Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings. Crossley-Holland, Kevin.

    Gods and Myths of the Viking Age. Davidson, H.R. Ellis.

    Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions. Davidson, H.R. Ellis.

    Myth and Religion of the North. Turville-Petre, E.O.G.

  • Oh bloody hell. I never really read books on the subject. I get most of my info from my mentor and the impartial internet sites, that way I’m less likely to get the sexed up info that the fluffies adore. *cough*SilverRavenwolf*cough*

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