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Pagans or Wiccans only please:?

Hi, I’m new to the craft. Studying solitarily since i am in the military and currently deployed. So its been kind of tough trying to learn on my own. It takes a while to get mail so i havent ordered any supplies or books to help, all i have are internet searches and hopefully some advice from you all. I would like to know what i could do to help in my studies? Also, I would like some input on something that happened to me today. I have been meditating everyday, working on getting better on my concentration and breathing techniques. Today i felt so deeply relaxed that it was like i wasnt physically in my room anymore. I was trying to visualize white light, but instead of just a beam of light i saw swirls of white light moving and pulsing, i started focusing on my third eye chakra and the lights shifted from white to blue. It was an amazing feeling. I figured then would be aas good a time as any to attempt astral projection again, so still focusing on my breathing and the colors, i layed down and tried to let go. Only, everything ive read definately did not prepare me for what happened. I couldnt see anything at all, the colors disappeared and i was just there in completely darkness. I was having a conversation with my sister (who was freaking out! she kept asking me if i was dead) but i couldnt see anything i couldnt even move. And when i tried to focus on being able to see her i jolted upright in my bed. It didnt feel like a dream and i most definately didnt feel like i had been asleep. I was just as awake as i had been before my meditation. I was just wondering if anything like this has ever happened to anyone before? or if someone could please explain to me what exactly happened? Ive been searching all afternoon since my meditation but i havent been able to find anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please only serious responses no rude or hurtful remarks from non believers. Just because i choose to follow a different path then you doesnt mean im any less human or feel any less then you do. Thank You all in advance. Blessed Be
* An it harm none, do what ye wilt*


  1. As for what you “could do to help” your studies, get some books. I know you said that you haven’t ordered any because it takes a while for mail to arrive, but really, what do you think the rest of us had to do before the internet became a house-hold thing? Read some reviews, and buy a couple of books that interest you.
    As for your meditation experience, before the next time you try it, I would suggesting telling yourself something like “When I count-up from 1 to 5, I’ll be back on this plane”. As with any kind of hypnosis or meditation, just the assurance to yourself beforehand is really all you’ll need to “come back” properly.

  2. astral projection is a power that takes a long time to develop. So sence you were able to obtain at least some degree of it that you are well asociated with magic and how it works. you may have not called it as such but magic is the manipulation of energy and I can tell through what you have decribed you are knowlegable in that subjet.
    I respect you trying to seek out knowledge. I had no access to books when I was learning so relied on websights as well as others teachings. My advice for someone in this position would be look for a veriaty of sorces. many of them will comtradict eachother in some aspect or another so this makes you maore ready to go from what you believe. you can deside for yourself what you believe and don’t but should get many sourses and take what you believe from each one and leave what you don’t.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions for me.


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