Pagans only – Do you accept the existence of other Pagan paths?

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Many times I have come into contact with a fellow Pagan who believes that his/her chosen path is the only correct Pagan path. No matter what information I give them about my beliefs, they think it is a wrong choice, and should follow their ways.
Of course, these are the same type of people who go ballistic when someone of a Christian sect says the same to them. Isn’t that being hypocritical?
Pagan Witch who follows the Greek Pantheon, and no, I won’t be changing to please anyone.


  1. I haven’t heard of a Pagan telling another Pagan their specific path is wrong.
    I respect those who respect me, you are free to follow your path just as I am free to follow mine.

  2. To not do so would be to defy the very definition of Paganism.
    Edit to challenge the TD, so when has diversity not been an integral part of Paganism?

  3. didn’t know Pagans do that. but as for me I say yes I do accept the other pagan paths. Sound like some pagans been had spend too much time listening to Christians and they think their path is the right path. there no such thing as a right religious path. You either want to be Pagan or not. It all up to you. I believe in the Greek and Roman gods too. I know this is the right path for me but is it the right path for everybody who knows. I don’t really care if people have the same views as me or not. As long they don’t call my gods demons or say they’re evil then I might won’t get offended. I chose not to judge I show respect when respect is due. as long they respect me I’ll respect them . I won’t be chaging to please anyone either. Not even they burn me at stake which should be illegal now.

  4. People are free to choose as they will, it is not my place to pass judgment upon choices that are not mine to manage, purchase, or otherwise control. However those same Pagans which I refuse to pass judgment upon are the same who insist that I think “outside the Hermetic box”. Kind of humorous to me when one considers that Hermeticism has been around for more than 36,000 years and is the primary root of just about every religion, philosophy, science, and medicine in existence today.
    …and no, I do not expect you to change for me or for anyone else. May your journey along your chosen path take you to the wisdom you seek. If it is doing that for you, and you are putting your own effort into it, then it is perfectly reasonable to never compromise your principles for the sake of pleasing others.

  5. I have fortunately never run into that before. Strikes me as a little odd.
    I’ve got no problem with other Pagan paths.

  6. I do.
    I accept the possibility that my path may be wrong, but is right for me to follow at this point in my life until something tells me to change (IF that happens). I could care less how someone else practices because it’s none of my business, nor is what I do anyone else’s business. If someone doesn’t accept how I practice, that’s their problem, not mine!!

  7. I accept the existence of other pagan religions, and also the abrahamic religions, but I don’t incorporate any of their practices into my own, I simply accept that they have their beliefs, and I have mine. Beyond that I don’t care. I have no interest in their beliefs, in sharing them, or in getting them to embrace my beliefs. Provided they treat my beliefs likewise, I have no problem.
    The reason people try to make their beliefs superior to others and they only “true” belief within pagan circles (where there is rarely any religious teaching mandating such a position) is insecurity in ones own faith. They feel unsure about their own beliefs so by demeaning others and marginalising them, it makes them feel stronger about their own beliefs. It’s similar to the behaviour of the “cowardly bully” in a school playground. (This is also true of most abrahamics, the only difference is that being religiously mandated they can justify it in their religious doctrine, and secondly, some feel obligated to participate in the ritual demeaning of other faiths through group pressure, which is generally, though not always, absent in pagan paths).

  8. among the few beliefs that most pagans share, tolerance of others’ beliefs in the most common. the whole point of being pagan for a lot of us is to learn about what others have to say, to see if they have wisdom we could share.
    but, as an eclectic on yahoo answers, i get told i’m a wannabe, a fluffy bunny, a new agey hypocrite, ignorant, insincere, and many other things by holier-than-thou recons. which is supremely ironic, since they have no idea about the greater part of their ancestors’ religious practices.
    in the real world, i’ve found that people who are judgmental of other paths are actually only interested in rebelling against christianity, which is probably why they react negatively to having christians criticize them.

  9. I accept the existence of ALL other paths.
    If a god/goddess can be dreamed up/thought of, then that makes them real to whoever believes in them. A god/goddess draws their power from the amount of belief held in them….no matter who it may be.
    If you WOULD change your path just for someone else, then it obviously wasn’t something you truly believed in anyway.
    Your path is just that- YOUR path.

  10. Unfortunately, not even the Pagans are immune to fundamentalism. These people are being hypocritical. Fundies exist in every religion, and since they’ll never stop acting like children with fingers in their ears when you discuss the validity of different religions, the best thing to do is just to ignore them.
    Venus Bless

  11. I’ve never met another Pagan who says other paths are wrong. That pretty much goes against the whole “Pagan Ideal”. I say follow your own path and you’ll end up where you should be.

  12. I accept the existence of other Pagan paths and non-Pagan paths. To me, all religions/ways of life/or spiritual paths have their own concept and ideas of some sort of Divine – and their stories and interpretations are simply what speaks to them. Those who claim that their religion/path is the only correct one may see it that way, but to me they believe in the same thing I do, and just see it differently if that makes sense.

  13. For me, I believe any path taken can lead to the deity…..or deities. No path is right or wrong. So yes, I do accept others paths.

  14. One of the things Paganism implies is that there is no correct Path. Probably if you talk to 10 different Pagans, you will get 10 different answers as to what they believe in, who their God(dess) are, why they have chosen their Path.
    Also, as a Pagan (at least that applies to me) you do not try to convert anyone to your chosen Path (I leave this to the Churches).
    If anyone tries to convert you to their Path or says that your Path is not the correct one, I sincerely doubt that this person understood what Paganism is about.

  15. I accept the existence of ALL other paths, pagan or otherwise. I suppose the Joy of the Pagan ‘realm’ is diversity. I have been criticized before myself..and i have felt frustrated with others..but ultimately i try to put my ‘each to their own’ foot forward. I like to think i am tolerant, and i have belonged to groups where i have felt stifled by the absolute rigidity of practice before..perhaps this makes me intolerant? but it is never my intention.

  16. I believe that we should all follow the path that we are drawn to and I do not believe that my path is the only correct one.
    To tell the truth I’ve only met 2 pagan that would argue that their paths are the only truth path. Unfortunately I’ve recently learned that someone in m own coven seems to feel this way and has ran a few people off.


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