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Pagans- Is it better to make tarot cards or to buy a deck? which kind of deck should I buy?


  1. Standard poker deck. Get some chips as well. The counting kind. You know what, pick up some potato chips too, I’ll be over in a bit.

  2. I have the Well-Worn Path cards, which are not tarot cards but similar, because they are pretty. I don’t believe they have any kind of power – they just help me think outside the box sometimes.

  3. If you are artistically inclined and already have a good handle on the images you want to use, then by all means make your own.
    But there are many decks with lovely and meaningful art out there.
    I primarily use and teach from the Robin Wood deck, which has Rider-Waite imagery that is cleaner and updated, with the four elements referenced in gorgeous medieval-ish artwork in the minor arcana.

  4. I made the best deck I ever used, but Tarot is a sort of personal journey in the beginning so try just buying a deck or standard Rider Waite Tarot cards, they come with an instruction book, practice for a while get some more advanced books if you think it is for you and then decide what type of deck will work best for what you are using it for,

  5. I’m a Pagan Catholic, which means I freely mix the two; I take what I can use from each and leave the rest behind.
    I believe your own intuition is going to tell you what’s right for you. I personally cannot even imagine having the patience to MAKE a Tarot deck – I can draw but the symbolism is so intricate I’d take about a month on each card. What I did was go to 2 local metaphysical bookstores, get out every Tarot deck they had, and I went through each one, getting a “feel” for it. I finally decided on the Connoly deck because I was comfortable with it. I also like the traditional Waite pack. Let your own Inner Spirit decide for you, and go with it. You get your own answers when you’re Pagan – others are good for input, but your own indwelling Spirit makes the final decision.

  6. Technically, making your own is best, because you are then more in tune with them. But if you are not extremely knowledgeable about tarot, it doesn’t hurt to buy a deck. There are some amazing and beautiful decks out there.
    If you do want to try to make your own deck, check out this website. It has some own do-it-yourself tarot helpers: http://www.silverwingtarot.com/diy_tarot/

  7. Start by buying one. Don’t get one off the internet, or if you do, be very careful – if you look in shops wait until one speaks to you. Don’t get a deck for superficial reasons, or just because it looks nice, but it should actually connect with you in some way. Once you are very familiar with the tarot, you can make your own; but you kind of need to get to grips with the symbology before you make a deck, or your cards won’t ‘speak’ to you properly. Once you have in your head a ‘feeling’ for the meaning of each card, you can make your own cards because you will be able to implant each meaning in each card in a way that speaks to you.

  8. Are you a beginner? If so I’ve heard the Rider-Waite is the best for beginners. But I honestly believe looking at many decks and trying to find the one you best relate to and suits your path.. I love Celtic decks but that’s because I follow a Celtic path. It wouldn’t be much us or help if say you follow an Egyptian path etc.
    I don’t really believe that making cards would be “that” much better because when you use your cards you put your energy into them giving them the power. But if you have the talent and ability to make your own go for it.
    If I tried that mine would all be crayon stick people LOL

  9. buy them, make them, barrow them, rent them, or steal them, it matters not, for they all work towards the same end.
    thanks for the question

  10. I bought 2 different decks..only one really works for me..the other is way too powerful. You can make yourself one if you want, but it’s just fine to purchase a deck. First off don’t have anyone buy one for you..Go to a store that sells them and look at the decks…it may sound a bit silly but you will almost feel the deck calling to you. That one is yours. Once you have purchased it, be sure to purify it with salt and make it your own. Nobody else can touch it unless you are doing a reading for them..and keep them in a safe place to stay pure and not corrupted by others energy. Soon your tarot deck will feel just like an extension of yourself and your link to the gods.

  11. Hello
    Making them would be a task! but for the artistic, possible.
    What ones to buy? now that depends on the ones you get drawn to – those are the deck for you.

  12. I have rather pedantic views on this. There are ALOT of “tarot” cards on the market these days that I do not believe should be called tarot. Tarot cards should have 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. They should also be based upon the Rider-Waite tarot. Anything else that involves unicorns or mermaids or any other fantasy animal are guidance cards, not tarot.
    If you do buy a deck, make sure you connect with it, otherwise the readings wont be accurate. I wouldn’t recommend making a deck until you are very skilled in reading.


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