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Pagans: I’m out of touch and a little bit apprehensive…?

… about a circle I’ve been asked to join.

I’ve worked with the group many times before and I’ve had very successful circles with them before.

My main concern is that I’ve been “out of touch” with that side of things for a couple of years now, and I’m worried about becoming “overloaded” with information.

To explain on that; one time I did a circle with this group I became VERY connected with the spirits – so much so that it felt as if they didn’t want to let me go; I had the sensation of a massive fishing hook in my third eye continuously pulling my head down towards the ground. It was incredibly painful and took about 10-15mins to “work away” (for lack of better words).

I’m used to grounding huge amounts of energy but I am still worried that something similar might happen, and I want to try and be able to control how much I’ll be “blown away”.

If anyone can recommend some basic exercises I can practice, or any particular stones which might help with grounding (in this circle we will be charging some stones up and I’ll be bringing my large piece of celenite with me), it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks, as always,

Fireball; thank you and bless you for your concern, but this is my life choice, I have already chosen it, and I *did* address the question to Pagans. But again, thank you for your concern.

Rowan; I understand what you’re saying and yes, I will be working on grounding and shielding, however I *really* want to do this circle! It’s more of an excited apprehension than a scared apprehension… But still with slight concern… lol, sorry, I’m being useless..

Erika; Hematite doesn’t agree with me – gives me a massive migraine! Thanks anyway!

To everyone else (so far), thanks for the input!
Rowan; thanks. I’ve never had any problems with my emotions in a circle or leading up to a circle, especially with these people. I’ll definitely be doing some meditation over the next couple of weeks!

Anastasia; as I’ve said I haven’t done any magick for the past year and a half/two years, but I’ve done MANY circles with these people, very happy to be in the group and HAVE performed rituals after the “nasty” one.

I did have a huge healing/cleansing session done on me when I was 16/17, I discovered that I was a subconcious “psychic vamp” and WAS feeding off of people! That’s all been cleared up though, plus no-ones reported any feelings of tiredness/lethargy around me for years.

Thanks again so much for all the help guys!


  • If you want to avoid a repeat of that experience, I would recommend the following steps–or some subset, according to your needs:

    1. Groundwork. Make sure you’re properly aligned internally (soul alignment exercises, Middle Pillar work, daily devotions, etc.–whatever works for you).

    2. Diet: eat healthily. As a rule, better to eat a bit sparsely than to overeat, but you want to maintain vibrant health. And in a situation like the one you’ve described, do NOT go to Circle hungry. Hunger can interfere with grounding.

    3. Avoid drugs (including caffeine) and alcohol before ritual.

    4. Purify before going to Circle: full ritual bath is preferable, with appropriate meditation (slow light starburst from the heart, for example). Asperge and charge yourself beforehand if you deem it appropriate, but avoid sandalwood for the charging: it tends to open one up. (Avoid contact with lapis lazuli during the ritual for the same reason.)

    5. Have a couple of heavy and/or flavorful foods handy (for example, peanut butter, cheese)–for step # 10 below.

    6. You might ask the High Priestess to seal your head. If you do this, have her remove the seal at the end of the ritual.

    7. Do not anoint–or if you do, use an anointing oil specific to the Deity you wish to invite (for example, patchouli for Pan, lavender for Hekate, rose or jasmine for Aphrodite, etc.) Avoid all-purpose anointing oils such as pure olive, frankincense, etc.

    8. Relax and commune with the Deities; when finished, thank Them nicely and ask Them to help you to return to more grounded consciousness.

    9. If you still need more help, put salt on your tongue. Some people prefer to put it on their head; but I have found that the salt tends to irritate the scalp. Although the physical irritation IS very grounding, I prefer to avoid it, myself.

    10. Additional grounding techniques include just about anything that helps bring your focus back to your body: heavy and/or flavorful food, patting yourself, physical exercise or hatha yoga, massage.

    11. Volunteer to be the one to take the libations outside and pour them on the ground, with a prayer of thanks.

    If, after this, spirits are still hanging onto you, you can conclude that you are, at the subconscious level, holding onto them–and they are reciprocating. In that case, you need to get congruence about what your True Will is. Then, go back to step # 1 above. 😉

    You don’t actually sound like you’re in need of all these steps–I include them for completeness (and for the benefit of others who may be reading this because they have a similar question, but less experience than you have).

    Congratulations on having met a group that is so compatible!

    Best regards, and

    Blessed Be!

  • Why don’t you ask your circle to help with that. I mean, a circle has no singular point so whatever draws you in, the group will help pull you out. Besides I always think it’s better to divide the energy between the group, just channel it through the others and the circle will be more successful.

  • Well, there’s the issue of what happened before,
    and the issue of what to do next.

    In my experience, there are certain entities that
    will try to grab hold of you like you described. I
    can’t say much more about that here, except you
    need to maintain an aura of protection, to keep
    that from happening.

    Next, it would be a mistake to judge the future
    by the past bad experience you had. That would
    be biased thinking, and might prevent you from
    having some very beneficial contacts.

    My advice is to develop your shielding powers
    and then go ahead and join the circle. In other
    words, block the bad stuff, but remain open to
    the good. Have confidence in your abilities and
    don’t let fear hold you back from living life to the



  • I have always had success with wearing heavy shoes and eating root vegetables also using accupressure points and smelling salts or lavender phial or any strong smelling herb that doesn’t cause its own problems.

    I think if you tune into stones in a shop or even stones on a beach you will find something that grounds you as grounding is an individual process and what works for you might be something that doesn’t work for others – I find that intention is the major part of my grounding techniques. Running energy loosely and believing in the process seems to work better than trying hard.

  • OK, how long ago was it that you had this experience and have you had more than one successful circle with them since then? If that was your last experience with them, I would be apprehensive too.

    If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If the idea of joining gives you a bad feeling, you know that means there’s a reason. You can’t work well in circle without feeling comfortable. You also can’t work well in circle if there are too many unwanted energies.

    You do have to work on your shielding, so you don’t invite those spirits again. You might also be vamping others in the circle if you’re getting an overload of energy. Not all psychic vampires realize they’re doing that and if there are those who enjoy the sucking, they’re not going to tell you.

  • Perhaps you can concentrate on your third eye to strengthen it. Just imagine a glowing indigo light right between your eyes and it should help strengthen the third eye chakra. That’s all I can think of. You could also carry hematite or bloodstone with you, they are very grounding stones.

    Good luck!

  • I’ve never worked in a circle before with others but I hope I can help. Sounds to me as your connection has been slightly cut as you have said before. How soon is the next circle gathering? If you have a while, say a few weeks, spend the time from now to then meditating, visualizing and doing grounding work.

  • Pan was my favourite greek god 🙂

    but sorry, i don’t know much about pagan circles. hopefully a better answer than mine will teach me more

  • i advise you to ignore nutty christian answers like fireballs 🙂
    all i can say is if you dont feel like doing it then just dont or make sure your fully prepared with protection, put safety before anything else, good luck 🙂

  • If you feel this way do NOT do it.
    Grounding and shielding is what you need to practice as much as you can.
    But when one is feeling the way you do, you’re inviting unwanted energy

    Personally, I’d wait for the next occasion (if you wish to partake) but I’d skip this one

    Edit: then clear your mind and focus (if you really really wish to do this one). Meditate prior. You MUST keep control of your feelings. I still don’t advise it, emotions are types of energy which clearly will work against you in this case 🙁

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