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Pagans: How does one go about meeting a Pagan deity?

I’ve had multiple Pagans tell me that they have met a Pagan deity.

So how does one go about meeting a Pagan deity? Where do you meet one? How do you meet one? What is it like? Exactly what happens? Details?


  • I think everyone knows their Patron Deities before birth and makes sacred contracts with them, but may not ever make direct contact. I think the path to Them is your personal Path. Are you amazingly gifted in a particular area? What drives you or excites you? When is your birthday? My birthday is Feb-2 and before I learned about this path, all I knew about Feb-2 was groundhog day. When I learned about Brigid, I heard Her saying “birthday birthday birthday” gently, and suddenly it was very clear to me. We’ve been best buddies ever since. I tell my students to ask the Universe for clarity, and know that they already have their answers.

    You can always cast a nice circle and respectfully call a God or Goddess that you’d like to get to know! I would do a little research about Him/Her, find out who they are, what they like, etc. and then treat them as if they were very special guests coming to your house for dinner. Make the house clean for them, create a space with their comfort in mind, if they like crows get a crow feather, etc. And then cast a circle and just call them. Always be respectful. Don’t command them or boss them around – invite them to come, and then when it’s time to go, say “go if you must, stay if you will”. Can’t predict what will happen other than knowing that they will be there listening. Ask them gentle questions and see if you get an answer, either whispered in your ear, in your dreams that night, or in other ways. Sometimes my cat will come in and do something wacky like meow at a bookshelf, which I take as a suggestion. Always always always thank them for Their guidance and wisdom, even if you don’t think you received any. You did! Hugs and blessings! ~MorningStar

  • I’m quite sure you have seen mine. You may not take any notice, but she is always there, you just need to introduce yourself.

    Look down at the earth under your feet, look up to the sky, the trees, the mountains, she is there. She gave you life, and she provides for you.

    She is very hard to ignore.

  • First let me begin by saying that in my belief system,
    there is only one deity…the Goddess. She is a very
    ancient primordeal force, who we regard as the divine
    creator of the universe.

    Now, about “meeting” Her…

    Some people such as myself have been “called” through
    an unexpected appearance of the Goddess in dream-state.
    However, for most people it begins as an intellectual interest
    and desire to become involved. In those cases I have found
    the following 2 techniques to be very effective:

    I tell people to read my website and check out the 70+
    references. That will take about a month of study, but you
    have to lay the foundation. In other words I want them to
    know who the Goddess is, and have a valid reason for why
    they should worship Her… not just out of idle curiosity.

    Next, each night before bed, they should begin to do some
    meditation, to clear their mind (and be sure to avoid any
    chemicals that can ruin that, such as alcohol, recreational
    drugs, or other medications). Then, simply ask the Goddess
    if She is genuine… that’s all.

    Usually they will get a reply within a few days or a week, in
    the form of a very vivid and unsusual dream… in which She
    speaks directly to them. The dreams are unmistakable..
    they are nothing like any ordinary dream you ever had.

    The other technique I recommend is to set up a small altar
    and begin to do a daily offering ritual. I can supply the text
    for that if needed, and some instructions for focusing the
    mind. After doing that for a while, the Goddess should
    appear as a feeling of great peace which comes over the
    room. It is a very noticable presence.

    Much more can happen, once you have pledged yourself to
    Her, but initially that is what it will be like. How you react to
    it and what you do afterwards is up to you, but if you seek
    genuine spirituality of a direct metaphysical nature, then
    only the Goddess can provide it, as far as I know.

    To become a Priestess is a great deal more involved and
    requires more study, as well as being a very difficult job.
    I would suggest not even thinking about it, until you have
    had the experiences I just mentioned, and have developed
    total confidence in the reality of the Goddess.

    Many Blessings,


  • LG you are such a hater. Stop.
    They will find you. I have several that we utilize for different reasons. Most of mine are women. My Spirit Guide is a Beautiful man from a past life. There are so many areas to find them. Keep searching they will catch up to you and make you feel so loved. Good Luck and Many Blessings

  • My experiences of my deities would be absolutely meaningless to someone who has no such experiences.

    I was an atheist, so I know that words aren’t going to matter in this instance.

    If they want you, they have no trouble making it known. If they have not sought you out, I must assume you aren’t wanted, and therefore it’s not my business to pry.

    One of the differences between Wicca and other religions is the concept that some things in this world are private, and none of your damn business. Since the existence of my gods is no challenge to your life, it does not affect you, therefore it’s in the private realm.

    I know that some people think that the world is the National Enquirer or Access Hollywood, but it’s not, and some things aren’t for you.

  • I know you are probably looking for a stupid answer, but I will give you an intelligent answer. If you really want to get to know a Pagan deity read the boook ‘The Jesus Mysteries’ Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God? by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy.

  • In my experience, they find you. Doesn’t mean you can’t try to find them yourself, it just means that they won’t always pay attention to you. I actually have a theory that your relationship with any given deity will be very different depending on whether they come to you first or you call on them (and how you call on them). In my case, one deity showed up without any request or calling on my part. I was simply in my apartment and got the feeling of not being alone anymore. Beyond that it’s kind of hard to explain, but each deity has a distinct feeling so I can usually tell who it is (or at least tell who it isn’t). I have also had communicative dreams (which feel very different from regular dreams).

    Basically, you don’t have to go anywhere special (though some people do) and experiences of what it’s like will vary depending on the person and deity involved. Granted that there are some similarities in different peoples’ experiences with the same deity, but the specifics will vary.

  • to try explaining that to someone who lacks basic concepts of spiritual is like trying to explain orgasm to 5 year old. i m serious 🙁

  • Simply print out a picture off the ‘net or draw one yourself. Light some insence and sit there and chant their name or their invocation(the original ones work best, more energy current), and meditate. Then when you feel the energy in the room shift ask the deity for it’s presence.

    You might want to give an offering according to what the deity is matron/patron of. For instance, Artemis is the Virgin Huntress. So you could set out an offering of steak or deer meat or what have you. It’s best to give it to the animals after you offer to the deity so that it’s given back to nature and the cycles continue.

    Also: Some of you are only half right. It’s not always about them finding you. Sometimes you have to seek them out.

    For those of you who have given me a thumbs down, I’d like to know what advice I gave was not good advice.

  • It wasn’t so much a “going about it” as it was a noticing it and figuring it out. I would feel a presense during some meditations. Over a long amount of time I puzzled out different aspects of the nature of those presenses: what it was and was not attuned to, for example. Sometimes the sensation is subtle. Sometimes more overwhelming.

  • You don’t “go about it”. They find you.
    It’s like coming home. Like your soul was missing a piece that clicked in.
    And I’m not sharing the story it’s too long. It was a religious experience no different then anyone else experiencing a divine.

    Buddy R: I am rather curious just what it is that you think you will accomplish by insulting other religions besides feeding into the stereotype that Christians are ignorant hate fill fundies. Seriously. You’re doing your faith no favors.

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