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Pagans- How do you feel about the 2012 shift of consciousness?

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i made this question for pagans because i felt they’d be more open minded. as far as the end of the world i didn’t say that did i? i said shift in consciousness. not the end of the world. the signs of the natural changes, climate changes, bee deaths, etc. is all around. you have to be dumb to think the economy is just going through a cycle as is the weather.


  1. i am not jewish (although i know one) but OI VEY!!!!!!!!!!
    mayan calender resets
    nostrodamus says (in my book anyway) that noting happens in 2012 and hiliary will be prez in 2016 screwing up the world, it didn’t even mention obama (just adding cause people like calling him the anti christ)
    other 2 i have no idea but if the prophecy is vague, not gonna happen

  2. I feel that the universal balance will be maintained….The goddess shall do what she always does…regulate and inspire…this Eostar will be like every other Eostar…and the samhain ritual will be the same a thousand years from now as it was 7000 years before and creation wil pay no attention to the machinations of individuals.
    More people will realise they are all one with eternity, all divine,all beautiful in creation.
    So mote it be.
    Blessed be.

  3. In my dotage I’ve lost count of how many “end of the world” predictions I’ve personally lived through.
    The sun will set December 31 1012 & rise again January 1 1013.
    Faith has nothing to do with this.

  4. I promise you, if even most people turned to Christ, nothing would happen. However, people are turning farther and farther, and in greater numbers. So I don’t know, maybe Satan has something planned for that time that God has already permitted because God knew how far from Christ we’d be by then. That’s not to say that God didn’t ordain it for something good, but I doubt that because I am confident it would have been mentioned in the bible.
    I don’t believe or disbelieve something may happen, but that’s only because I have faith in God, and I believe about what God says about Satan. And what He says leads me to believe that Satan has plans, and most probably don’t succeed because people end up falling on their knees before God in humility and God delivers them from catastrophes they never even knew about.
    But now people are getting to a point where when that time comes, they will not know who to pray to because many of them will have decided that God probably doesn’t exist. Also there have been many places still yet awaiting to be told the Gospel. Now most, if not all places have heard it or heard about it. Now the entire world is steadily, and increasing in speed towards rejecting Christ, though many are also accepting Christ, so I don’t know what will happen, maybe nothing, maybe a lot. But I do know that we can’t keep going away from Christ because eventually God won’t put up with it anymore, and no telling what will happen then. I expect the passing of the prophecies of the end times. Though I can’t say that for sure either, only that the time is ripe, and most are already fulfilled to the point just before it all happens.

  5. I heard someone talking about that. Something about bad stuff….I dunno it was a LONG time ago and my memory is stupid 🙂

  6. I don’t follow Mayan prophesy, and an aweful lot of what Cayce predicted has proven false. He was much more accurate with events occuring quickly, while he was alive or right after. He’s like a pistol who perchance thinks itself a rifle.

  7. There is no prophesy about 2012.
    It’s merely the point at which the Mayan long count calendar stops (converted to a modern dating system of course).
    The Maya used several counts, including one that only lasted a couple of days, the long count is simply the longest one.
    All the notions of it being the “end of the world” are nonsensical attempts to marry Maya timekeeping with the prophesied cataclysms of other religions all of which are much much younger than the Mayan society who created the long count in the first place.

  8. A great Shift In consciousness is at hand in 2012.
    Not all will make it.
    Those who create and spread negative energy are going to another 3rd dimensional planet in 2012 (WHAT A RELIEF!!!!), while our earth will become a 4th dimensional planet filled with unconditional Love where only those with beautifll hearts will Be Able To Stay……..Yippeee!!!!!!


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