Pagans during rituals and energy work is the use of alcohol wrong?





I’m an open minded spiritualist who has friends that are part of a pagan coven and I’m curious of other pagans opinions about the use of alcohol before, during and after their rituals. They claim they are doing energy work and although many shamans use drugs with dimethyltryptamine to aid their spiritual experience that’s completely different from alcohol which from my experience blocks the flow of energy and keeps one in their lower self of consciousness rather then their higher self of consciousness. Any note worthy answers out there?


  1. people respond to alcohol differently. we often use alcohol in ritual, but not to excess, tho we often have rituals at festivals where people drink pretty liberally. it’s a personal choice for the most part. some people find that alcohol releases their inhibitions, for others it clouds their minds.

  2. I think its just the usage of anything that puts you in a altered state of conscience is what pagans would use. I think it depends on the person & what they feel when they are using mind altering drugs, that is their prefrence….Or maybe they cant find any shrooms right then so alcohol is cheaper & easier to obtain

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with the use of alcohol during or after a rite. As long as it’s in moderation. To use it in excess can cause the energies to not co-mingle properly. You cannot focus nor concentrate fully enough when one has consumed too much alcohol therefore the rite would have been offended. Moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable to toast and honor one’s chosen deities, and to celebrate the holiday (or reason for rite).

  4. The path I walk precludes alcohol or any other substance
    that could affect perception… such as caffein, tobacco, etc.
    A Priestess must be prepared to receive a vision or respond
    to a crisis at any time. Those things do seem to just pop up
    when least expected. As to my people, I encourage them to
    enjoy themselves… they are free to consume alcohol if they
    wish to, at the festivities which usually follow a ritual.
    My role is not to be a member of the community, but rather
    to watch from a distance. That is safer for them, and gives me
    a better perspective as well.

  5. Depends on the ritual, the religion, and the people involved. Certain situations, it might be appropriate. Others, it might not. The devil is in the details, as it were.
    A limited use of alcohol (say, one or two drinks) can relax someone without causing a significant drop in consciousness. This also depends on the type – beer, with the depressant qualities in hops, yields a different effect than, say, absinthe, the “green fairy of inspiration.”
    That said, using too much will impair someone, and, at that point, I’d start to consider it potentially dangerous. I tend to restrict energy work to something akin to heavy machinery – if you’re not fit to drive, you probably shouldn’t be moving energy. However, some methods of training can prepare someone for energy work in altered states of consciousness.
    (Insert obligatory disclaimers regarding legality/age of drinker, keeping alcohol away from recovering alcoholics, etc.)

  6. The only time I may incorporate any alcohol into ritual is as a libation during the offerings of cakes and ale – of which I would first offer to deity, and then a bite and a sip for myself – so we’re not talking about much there.
    I personally wouldn’t want to be trying to do energy work with a buzz – for me that would be counterproductive.

  7. Personally, I think it’s best to wait until after the ritual simply for safety reasons. Especially if fire is in any way involved (even candles).

  8. Alcohol can help, but it’s a very blunt tool.
    Too little is no good, too much is harmful (to your efforts). The amount that is needed is like a knife edge, and the other problem is that it takes time to have an impact so it’s even easier to misjudge.

  9. I believe, as with most religions, its a matter of what works for them. Perhaps they feel more open and connected to the energy flow when they consume alcohol. I respect your belief of it blocking the energy flow (I agree, also) however, no harm done if consenting adults consume alcohol in effort to reach an understanding and connection with their higher self… or the higher self.

  10. i personally wouldnt use it before or during just due to the fact that i’m a light weight and usually can’t concentrate enough to find my shoes much less do a ritual…after said ritual thats a different story in my eyes…as i dont need as much focus.

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