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pagans, do you practise any form of healing?

I do Reiki, crystal healing, herbalism, colour healing and am studying aromatherapy, Indian head massage, life coaching and past life therapy.
Actually lab girl girl, they use people like me too, cos I’m also a trained first aider!


  1. I do a bit with herbs, but I don’t really get sick often, and find modern remedies to be more effective.
    Plus, I’m all for going to a doctor whenever things are looking questionable. Self-diagnosis isn’t a good idea.

  2. I’ve done emergency paramedic work on occassion, first aid and triage. I’m off-cert now, so I try to avoid situations where I’m expected to use it.
    Strangely enough, for Pagan festivals, they usually use folks like ME, not like you. hmmmm.
    I also do some relaxation therapies, but I’ve been a scientist since the day I was born, if a method doesn’t hold up under testing, I’m not doing it, period.
    Edit: Oh good for you! We had a lady trip in a gorge, and we had someone rush to her with crystals….that makes you wary….experiences like that….lol.

  3. Sure. I do the Sundance ceremony every July, healing sweat-lodges once in a while, Sacred Pipe healings frequently, as well as something similar to Reiki and some stone healing once in awhile.

  4. I use herbs, crystals and meditation in my healing and that of others that I attempt. I practice a meditation massage for my family that seems to relieve my hubby’s bone pain. I also use sex energy for healing in my soul mate (hubby).

  5. Reiki, dowsing, Quantum Touch, crystal vibrational, Silva, along with others mixed in I’m not aware of names for. Mostly I do distance work.
    Herbs make their way into the equation, along with colloidal silver.
    I’m trying out something that came to me recently at the moment on a cat with terminal cancer belonging to an acquaintance . Feeling fairly excited about the prospects.

  6. I’m a trained Massage Therapist and use herbs and aromatherapy at home. I have recommended SOME aromatherapy for certain clients as a form of aftercare (lavender oil for relaxation has proven beneficial in some applications with few side-effects except possible allergic reactions). I also use use sea salt and epsom salts for soaks and recommend them to my clients with VERY specific instructions as they are NOT for everyone.
    I also prefer to use methodologies where I can trace the historical antecedants and get an idea of the science behind them.

  7. I use crystals and herbs along with meditative practices. However this is not a replacement for modern medicine but rather an addition to it. I find that the former boosts the bodies own reserves to help the latter work better!

  8. i’m a member of a healing ‘clan’ that gathers once a month. it’s a learning group where we share our knowledge and explore new techniques. all of us are attuned to reiki now, and several use crystals. we send the energy out, so we don’t do any hands-on techniques. this year, we presented imbolc for the pagan church most of us belong to, doing a healing waters ritual that was quite beautiful [i can say it, i didn’t have anything to do with the planning].
    edit: i hear you lab girl. at our local community festival, we’re fortunate enough to have an l.p.n. who also does spriritual healing. the organizers take a very ‘mundane first’ attitude toward first aid.

  9. I do actually. Mine is strictly energy. I’ve never tried any or the other techniques. Hey I can do first aide though. lol
    Oh and let’s not forget how a kiss on a hurt knee can make our children heal. I did that when my boys were younger. At their ages now, 20 and 24 years, they wouldn’t be to open to that technique. 😉

  10. Honey dont let Lab Girl get to you~ She pretends to be a Pagan but has too much pride to be a real Pagan.
    I use Reki, Crystals,Spellwork,Herbs, & Charkra work.
    I would love to learn more about indian head massage~ could you send me a link?
    Blessed Be

  11. I do work in herbs with teas and incense, also I do spells for healing. The one person that I want to help more than anyone I don’t know how to. I haven’t found anything for mental health. My son has Asperger’s syndrome. He has MAJOR anger issues, immaturity, self-care issues, and makes constant trips back and forth to the mental hospital, for months at a time. I’ve tried to help him the best I can but, I’m at a loss. If anyone has any hints they would be greatly appreciated.
    )o( Blessed Be!


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