Sunday, September 26, 2021

pagans? do you practice? rituals or magic spells?

I mean magick or what is the right spell? I mean rituals or spells for good things.. like good luck or fortunate or tell me where to find some spells for good things? btw I mean good things… like recovering your health..thanks I am curious about paganism or wiccans..
I am serious..


  1. I summon demons on a regular basis and we play monopoly together.
    Sometimes the demons are chill but sometimes they make monopoly a real life game but in hell… It hurts to get your feet cut off if you can’t pay the damn railroad fee.

  2. The best spells are ones you create on your own. Read a bit on the ritual and spells and soon you should have enough knowledge to create your own. the simpler the better.
    But if you are in the right frame of mind then they are unnecessary as spells are merely rituals designed to focus the power of the mind.

  3. LOL, Johnny C’s answer was epically hilarious.
    Magic rituals are basically just a way to focus your Will. You don’t need spell books, they won’t really help you. Ditto for the candles, incense, robes, wands, etc. What you really need is a frame of mind.
    Think of the last time you really wanted something. To set a record for yourself, to change, to get something you thought was perhaps out of your reach. Remember the frame of mind you were in. The determination, the total concentration on that one goal, every fiber, every cell moving forwards to grasp it. The Will to succeed. Changing reality to conform to your will. This is what magic is.
    Using magic is an integral part of being human. You use it like you use your hands or any other part of your body. It’s just that you have been taught to feel you need the trappings when all that is truly needed is the will.

  4. The label “Pagan” covers a large variety of Spiritualities.
    Some valid points made here. The point is you’d might as well ask “Sporting People” something as general, but not identify if the Sport was a team sport or individual one, need equipment or is dependant on skill alone (just as an example)
    I’d suggest taking a look at

  5. Moses was a magician…I am also a magician…knowledge is power…power can be abused…
    Moses was a scholar and high priest…the bible and creation of the ten commandments was created to exalt the Jews from slavery…creatin an independant Nation.
    The god of the jews was YHWH and he was origianlly the Mountain god of mount Sinai…
    Magic does not exist. But Self-hypnosis and visualizing positive outcomes will improve your life…dont let the outside affect your mind. Eat properly and think properly and your health and Finances will turn around. Money is a by-product of success. Live and Think Success, and dont contaminate your mind and body if you want to be great. Especially with Occult practices. I am a bible scholar and also and also practiced occult for 3 yrs…its amazing how Real our mind can make things…i was a fortune teller, i did past life readings, astrology, palm reading, Healings, “summoned spirits” and retrieved information from the “afterlife”(non-existent). i had extreme accuracy(80%) and i assure you as real as i and everyone else thought it was…i could do it anyday by abusing my Power….Abusing/Utilizing my knowledge to create power over the unseeming…people that believe in magic and Demons. Knowledge really is power. think about scientists who have now created invisibilty Cloaks… are we really so dumb to think they’ve dissappeared? or simply have understanding of sciences we are unaware of. pls comment…
    The Jews like every other nations gods were Locational/Regional. and the birth of YHWH was from an active Volcano at the time…Sinai. it wasnt until the Jews were in exile after Egypt..that they created and eternal omni-present god. Also the magicians of the Jews were masters in their own rights, and constantly had to perform miracles to convince the people that god was real and powerful…did all of gods prophets perform miracles? NO, only the magic practicers did…JESUS included…as a fellow magician i believe Jesus was one of the greatest…and Staged most of his big miracles…also note that raising the Dead started with Jesus…later on Paul also did this. i can raise dead people right now with a few good friends and a little fact i can raise over 10 people from the dead at once…and if you SEEN it..well then youd HAVE to believe me right?

  6. Merry Meet!
    I have been what you would consider to be a witch for about twenty years. Magick or spell-work are to me, guided prayer and/or attempts to will things to happen. The difference depends upon whether or not you asked for help from the Divine or not. I have performed both, as a part of a coven and on my own. Their success or failure depended upon luck, if the spell was done right, or if the Deity you prayed to was interested in what you wanted.
    This does not automatically mean that what you are doing is good. Like anything else in life that depends on what you want to use the spells for and Who you are appealing to. Pagans, in general, do not insist that our gods are good. They range from the heroic types like Thor; to the tricksters like the Coyote(s), the Dagda, and the original depiction of Loki; to the antagonistic types like Skadi (the namesake of Scandinavia) who will kill you if you are not paying attention, and Odin (Wotan); to the out-right evil types that are found in Hinduism, as well as those within the old religions of the Celts, Scandinavians, and the Germans.
    Hope this helps.
    Blessed Be
    David of Hillsbend Coven
    High Priest

  7. Yes, I conduct rituals in the backyard praying to Artemis and Dionysus for my wife’s health.
    I agree with your other posters that your own spells are the best, but *some* things require care — conjuring spirits or wishing harm on others can cause disaster to fall.
    I was tempted to curse a thief who stole my wallet in a Barcelona subway last week, but instead held a small ritual to Nemesis asking for the person (or them) to change the nature of their ways.
    I tend to conduct rituals (I wouldn’t call them “magick”) to the Greek/Roman pantheon of deities, but some conduct rituals to Hindu, and Asian and other Pantheons.
    It’s very powerful — even if you’re a Christan Hebrew or Muslim it can expand your horizons and give you a new-found sense of power to at least learn a little something about it. Many past Popes practiced what would now be called “witchcraft”…. Praying to Greek/Roman deities, etc.

  8. i do an occasional spell for things liek good luck for all at new year or birthdays etc
    i write my own, but you can find them eveyrwhere
    theres a mag called spirit and destiny, it has some spells, but in general its a godo spiritual mag, a LITTLE immature, but stil informative

  9. Rituals for the Observance of the Sabbats are “part and parcel” of the
    Practice of the Faith.
    Spellcraft may be done on a Specific Necessity (such as a crop

  10. I do rituals on sabbats and esbats usually. The spells I perform are more to the tune of world peace, harmony, heal the earth type stuff. Also, I attend a healing drum circle most monday nights in norfolk va. They make a list of everyone who needs healing energy (everyone who goes can put a name down, or people can call the store and have a name put down), and this list is read then burned to send out the energy.


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