• I am eclectic, so I use ideas from Buddhism, Hinduism and Zen Meditation in my own practice, to a minor extent. Mostly though, my religious practices are “primitive.”

  • I recommend the study of Zen for personal
    self-improvement, as a way of enhancing our
    spiritual practice.

  • I study Buddhism, and there are certain aspect that I incorporate into my life. I am more interested in the psychology of Buddhism, rather than the religious aspects.

    I also meditate, but not Zen Meditation.

  • Oh yes! Each of them have wonderful practices that we can all benefit from. If I use any of these in a forum that is public, I always give credit.

  • Yes.

    I practice Yoga and find many of the Hindu deities to be particularly accessible. Taoist philosophy is also integral to my Yoga practice.

    I don’t really “grok” Buddhism and know little of Shinto/confucianism. Simply haven’t felt drawn to those paths enough to study.

    Voudu, however, I have studied, begun some tentative explorations with a teacher, and chose to not initiate. It was not the proper path for me but I have a great deal of respect for it and do continue to keep contact with my Lwa.

    None of these are part of my Traditional practice, of course, they are part of my daily personal spiritual practice though.

  • Some aspects of Taoism and Obeah are part of my spirituality, but like anyone else my personal path is unique to me.

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