Pagans and Witches: Healing Earth Circle?

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by Joa5:

I’ve been wanting to start a project, locally, called “The Healing Earth Circle”. The sole purpose is to bring together Pagans, Witches and other magickal people. The direct goal will be to bring together our energies through spell work, ritual and energy work to help strengthen our Mother Earth – as she is declining in heath, rapidly.
I’m wondering if there are already projects like this in existence? If so, how can I get in touch with the group?
Thanks in advance and blessed be!
I can seriously do without the ol’ “fire and brimstone” talk. I’m Pagan and proud. Nothing you say can change that.

Answer by Budde Ugly
Why court the devil?

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Look up your city/state at


Yes, I’ve often read about them but they’re never anywhere around where I live so I never get a chance to go, but they’re a nice idea.

Pagan Rebirth, S.O.

Witchvox has many resources devoted to exactly what you are trying to do! It’s one of the best resources I’ve found.

is just one of many.. I think it’s lovely that you want to help others in that way.
Many blessings on your path,


there is one man i know of that has written a book with something like this in mind
Andy Thomas he is called and the book is called
A Oneness of the Mind
his idea is to get people to send out collective possitive thoughts to help mankind
and the more doing this sort of thing the better
so Pagans , Witches , anyone for that matter ….. do your bit xx

Dave P

Try googling Gaia Circle. It would seem that there are a number of local efforts although I didn’t see a national network group. Sacred Earth Network seems to have workshops that sound sort of like what you are trying to do but they are focused on spirituality found in indigenous cultures.


You might want to check if any such projects are already up and running in your area — or register your own project for new members — through the Witches of the World section at Witchvox:
Just use the pull-down menus on the left to find individuals, groups, shops, and events in your area.
Good luck! 🙂


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