pagans and wiccans? do you believe in the white magick?

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do you practice that? and what kind of things do you help yourself with the white magick?

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Just finished posting this
” There are no colors in witchcraft. Only labels placed by many and of modern times. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing within witchcraft that mentions colors.”
Having said that, regarding your question…*white* is for those who practice *good* and *healing*
Yes, I do healing. No, I don’t call it white
@Chances68 – thank you for your words 🙂 ♥


It’s because against the Bible and magic is an abomination to God as it’s source is of Satan the Devil.


Rowan answered this very well. I would only add that many of us use magick for healing, fertility and most important of all, to help make positive mental changes within ourselves. To give us courage, for example, or clarity, or to help us to be rid of unproductive feelings like resentment or fear.
Again, though, my hat is off to Rowan.


No such thing as White of Black magic. Only positive or negative intent. I work only with positive intent, asking the source and all their facets to help protect or heal and occasionally to remove a negative influence.

Crystal clear

The only color I may associate with witchcraft is green. But Green Witch is meant to refer to a witch whose practice is very nature-based and herbal…a green witch is likely to grow their own herbs, veggies, flowers and such and work magic with what they grow and what they find out in nature.
“Black magic” and “White magic” are misnomers. These color codes were assigned mostly by the Christian church and are taken to mean that black = evil/harmful and white = good/helpful. But seriously, is it accurate to automatically equate black to evil? I have a black labrador retriever – should my sweet dog be considered evil just because she has black fur? Or is white always “good”? In a snow storm, a “white out” causes poor visibility and has resulted in many auto accidents…is this good?
Magic is energy. Energy is neutral. It cannot decide for itself how it is used, how it is directed. It has no will or intentions of its own. Think of electricity, a form of energy. You use electricity to light your home, run your appliances, etc. You used electricity to power the computer that led you to the internet that led you here to ask this question. But electricity if not handled properly could also harm you…you could be electrocuted. Do you think electricity is either good or evil, white or black?
Magic cannot defy the laws of nature and physics. Other than that, I have used magic to help me with many realistic goals. Though for magic to be effective, mundane efforts must be made in conjunction.
For example, I could cast an employment spell because I need a job – but then I also have to send out resumes, fill out applications, have the proper experience for the types of jobs I’m applying for, go to interviews, etc. I can’t just cast the spell and then do nothing, not put myself out there for potential employeers to find me, and think I’m going to land my dream job. The magic helps me to recognize the right job opportunities, and to present myself well to such potential employeers so that they may notice me among a sea of other applicants.

The Doors of Perception

Magick is not really white or black itself. It is based on intent. If you are harming someone, then it is ‘black’ magick. Healing would be ‘white’ magick. But magick itself is neutral I guess you could say.
For ‘white’ magick I have done a lot of healing. I started small with headaches and muscle aches. Then, when my grandmother had surgery, I did a spell to help with the pain. She said the pain decreased by about half. It took me a while to learn how to heal myself. You see, doing a spell makes you tired. When you do a spell on yourself, you heal yourself, get tired, then start hurting again. It takes a lot of practice.
Learning meditation is a great way to get better at all kinds of magick. Part I of Book Four by Aleister Crowley teaches excellent meditation. Do not expect to be able to follow it perfectly though.
As for black magick, I practice that as well. The law of return is not true. It is a scare tactic like hell for Christians, if you THINK the spell will return, it will. Remember magick is mostly mind power. But black magick is extremely advanced and take massive amounts of energy. Usually it will not work because you do not truly want to harm the person you are cursing, you are just temporarily upset.


Good day, please can you help me learn to meditate and cast spell


That there is no such thing as a Black or White Witch/ Magick is being made clear here, we are, for the sake of those it’s imprinted on, all shades of grey….nobody or anything is perfect
In my own Coven and indeed on my own the likes of healing Magick is a frequent activity, and do I believe in it?
I bet I wouldn’t bother doing it if I didn’t believe in it.
Working for myself, which some people who have been watching to much ‘Charmed’ and ‘Buffy’say we shouldn’t do, I certainly do often. Feeling better, more relaxed and to get some money or success I do often with moderate results. Wealth isn’t always measured in money.


Magick has no color. Using magick is tapping into a power source.Is electricity white if it heats your home and black if you stick a fork in a socket and electrocute yourself?


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