Pagans and Earth-based Religions: What do you think about 2012?





by dispirited_princess:

I am Pagan, and although I am still not sure which path I follow, I am firm in my beliefs in Mother Earth and the spirits of every creature upon Her. I was wondering what you think will happen in 2012?
I personally believe we are here to heal Mother Earth, to listen to Her, to Love Her and protect Her. I think it is our responsibility to show others through our actions that we can heal her with positive thoughts and energy, and by taking care of her. I think the lives we know now will not be the same after 2012, but i do not think the world will end. I think it will be our time to show others that it isn’t too late to heal what we have hurt…
What do you think will happen in 2012?

Answer by Capercorn
This is not a question of spirituality; 2012 is a question that can be answered by cold, hard, scientific facts.
And the answer is simple: Nothing out of the ordinary.


  1. What do you think will happen in 2012?
    The same sorts of things that happen every year. Peoples lives change, new things are discovered, disasters happen, people get married and have kids, people die etc.

  2. God is the Alpha had to reveal history before man could write.
    God is the Omega reveals the future before man could know it
    In the spirit world I see the Past.
    In the spirit world I see our future.
    Like a present movie in 3D of our past.
    Like a 3D history movie yet still our future.
    I see a great battle spiritual battle along with the present man battle.
    God brought animals and birds to Adam to name them one by one.
    Genesis 2: 19-20 now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field.
    Yes God has given us the responsibility to care for this world that he has created.
    The sixth trumpet
    Jan. 29, 2002 In President George W. Bush?s state of the union speech, he identifies Iraq, along with Iran and North Korea, as an “axis of evil.” March 19, 2003 the first time we heard of the deadly SARS, and about the same time the war against Iraq begins when the U.S. launches Operation Iraqi Freedom. The king of Lycia sets Bellerophon’s life in danger by challenging him with three tests. President George W. Bush?s three tests is Iraq, along with Iran and North Korea, as an “axis of evil.”
    Revelation 9: 20 ? 21 The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood?idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.
    Yes we are to worship our creator not the creation. We are not to create thing to worship. Don?t worry about 2012. The rulers of the world should never be allowed to make a nuclear weapon. The rulers haven?t stop making them either. What do they really believe it will save mankind? Our responsibility is to refuse this for if we destroy the earth we destroy ourselves. God forbid it. Worship our creator and be responsible in caring for his creation.

  3. 2012 itself will not happen.
    Because the Bible declares the end is going to begin with the rapture on MAY 21 2011.
    The Bible is the ultimate authority on truth and today the prophecy of Daniel 12 is being fulfilled.
    ((DANIEL 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. ))
    Today the book is unsealed and knowledge is being increased almost daily. Many are running two and fro to tell the world of the pending end.
    To know 100% truth however, I can’t give it to you because the rules of this forum prevent me from sending you to the websites you need to understand this very detailed study.
    You must do your own homework by searching the internet for MAY 21 2011 or WECANKNOW or FAMILY RADIO.
    Before you do, you need to sit down and say a quiet prayer to God that He leads you to His truth and protects you from people who tell you “No man knoweth the day or the hour”. Yes this is written in the Bible but 1Corinthians Chapter 2 will show you that these words are for the unsaved condition of man. Saved man “Has the mind of Christ” and can know all things that are revealed by the Holy Spirit. (Read 1Cor2 and substitute “true gospel” for the word “things”. Once you do you can easily see how we can know.
    Remember if you don?t pray then you are not asking for His help, you are only trying to figure it out by yourself. I promise, that will not work.
    God Bless and remember: When the end comes, He is our only hope.

  4. The historic “facts” for the 2012 myth are a lie.
    The scientific evidence for the 2012 myth are lies.
    The financial motives for the 2012 myth are obvious.
    So come to your own conclusions on the matter but please do not convince others that your paranoid delusion of 2012 has anything to do with ancient or modern paganism.

  5. Capercorn is right. Nothing out of the ordinary! Of course, it is ordinary for the earth to change poles right around this time and also the magnet poles will shift. The North Pole is already heading for Russia at the rate of about 35 miles/day. It is also ordinary for the planet to “upgrade” every 25,000 years or so as we move from 7 hertz to 13 hertz and from 3D to 5D. Also, ordinary, is the movement into new “houses”. Like right now our “age’ is moving from Pisces to Aquarius. It is also ordinary for the planet to replenish and rebuild itself so that it can entertain the next “class” of students.
    For ALL the things that are about to happen please check out: and visit the first lecture on the main page, by Ian Lungold, for all the Earth happenings from 16.2 billion years ago til now. It will seem like it passes in minutes and is very soothing.
    The News is good. Creation is working feverishly to complete itself by October 2012 and when that happens, Linnear Time will cease to exist. As time ceases, there is no longer a need for a calendar, thus the Mayan discontinuation of their calendar.
    As the Earth rebuilds there will be some loss of life, depending on how well people prepare for it. Over the last 175,000 years the ONLY species to survive well have been the Egyptians but most of that is thanks to the Labyrinth Under Giza (see The Dragon, main page, bottom of page). Private firms are selling homes under ground in Arizona and other places right now. The labyrinth is safe b/c it is hewn out of solid rock and can house most of Egypt in its 3 levels.
    I’m all for helping the planet but we need to survive in order to assist but then the planet should be giving us information soon as to how to escape the cleansing process.
    The planet has been a classroom for a LONG time and is not about to be replaced. Earth will survive and with a little bit of smarts, about 20% of our current human population will make it through as well. This will be in accordance with the amount of food that is left for us so it is not cruel that 80% will perish since food supplies will be in high demand at first.
    Check out the website, ignore the political section, and email me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.
    I AM

  6. When primitive people who believed that only birds and insects could fly saw a UFO, to them it had to have been a God. How many times does the bible mention, God coming from the sky in a flaming chariot with smoke and noise? UFO visits started religious beliefs and now that religious violence is unstoppable, with some willing to destroy this planet, more UFOs will show up than authorities can deny and God still won’t. The foundations of religious beliefs will go through a much needed change, as people realize that we are not alone and most religious beliefs were just misconceptions by primitive people who lacked knowledge .Excuses are useless when UFOs show up and God still doesn’t.

  7. A bunch of gullible idiots such as yourself will go out, rob people, cause riots, commit heinous crimes, and wake up the next day in jail awaiting a court date.
    The Mayan calendar is cyclical. It’s like the Zodiac, when the zodiac ends, it restarts. People say that it marks the end of the world, but it doesn’t. And people that say they couldn’t finish the calendar are just as dumb, their calendar isn’t the same as ours. They don’t have 12 months and 31 days each, they don’t have pictures of cute little puppies and naked firemen to hang on their fridges. Their calendar IS cyclical, and it ends in 2012 and begins again. That’s it.

  8. The actual prophecy says there will be a change from the fourth world to the fifth, not an end. Mother Earth was here long before you and will be here long after. At some point it will look alot like Mars and we will live elsewhere in an evolved form

  9. The same stuff that always happens. If you’re so in tune with the earth, you should have some understanding of the science and history behind the whole 2012 hoax.
    Don’t buy into myths. Look for the facts.

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