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Pagan questions?

Okay this may be a stupid question but I am asking it anyway.
Is the pentacle a symbol of all pagans or just the branch of paganism considered wicca? And if it is just wiccan then what could be considered a symbol for all naturalistic beliefs(including paganism, wicca, shamanism, etc…) And another thing: is all paganism considered witchcraft or is that just wicca? (And I would please request that no one say this is “the work of the devil”, and no scripture… Paganism predates Christianity and I respect you so please respect me!) Thanks!


  1. Paganism is an umbrella term for nature-based, usually polytheistic religions. Wicca is a branch of Paganism. All Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccan. Also some people do consider Wicca and Witchcraft interchangeable, others do not.
    The pentacle, as far as I know, does get used as a general symbol for all Paganism, but different branches do have certain symbols they use more than others. To most people, four of the points of the pentacle represent the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire, and the fifth point represents spirit/soul/akasha.
    Other symbols that get used are the triquetra and the Triple Goddess symbol )O( which represents three of the four phases of the moon (waxing, full, waning), symbolising the three aspects of the Triple Goddess.

  2. from wikipedia:
    Many varieties of pentacle can be found in the grimoires of Solomonic magic; they are also used in some neopagan magical traditions, such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools.
    not all paganism is considered witchcraft. though much of Neopaganism is. no one really regards the ancient greeks as witches though. i guess, all wiccans would be considered witches. even though some of them do not practice magick.

  3. The pentacle goes back to the days of Pythagoras (circa 500 BCE). It has been used by many cultures as a symbol for different things, including the christians, who once used it as a symbol of christ.
    Modern day pagans use it as a symbol of protection. Paganism is a large umbrella, so not all pagans feel comfortable with it.
    There is no one symbol for Paganism. It’s an individualistic path, and therefore you can choose what suits you best.

  4. 1) The Pentacle is pretty much just a wiccan symbol but I think if another pagan wants to use it they can.
    2) I don’t know.
    3) You can practice witchcraft but not be any kind of pagan. Witchcraft isn’t required for any religion. If someone wants to practice it they can but they don’t have to. It’s there for anyone but you have to be very careful with it.

  5. As blue M says, but the pentacle, or the pentagram (I must look up the difference) is generally a symbol used by witches. Sometimes used by other pagans, especially the ritual magicians, who even draw it on the floor. Wiccans seldom do this, but use it in jewellery and written works as a graphic. To them it represents the three Goddess forms and the two God forms mostly, but some have other interpretations. It is also used by those who like to dress up in black and wear silver jewellery for no other reason than for show. These people have no understanding of its significance.

  6. The pentagram is a symbol. It represents the elements: earth, air, fire, water & spirit. I think as pagans/wiccans find their path, they’ll find a symbol that encompasses their beliefs…while they respect the pentagram, it might not necessarily be “their” symbol. Like a Celtic path might have some kind of knotwork, while a Norse path might have Thor’s hammer. My personal opinion: Paganism, Witchcraft, & Wicca can be considered different yet the same. Paganism is like ALL of it. Witchcraft is for those that are physically out their practicing/doing magick work…be it spells, rituals, herbs, whatever. Wicca has more “rules” I think. If this is something you’re looking into, you’ll make your own opinion as you go along. If you have any questions, you can email me personally or post them here again.

  7. No, these are not stupid questions.
    I personally go with that there are symbols of each tradition. For example, people who follow asatru usually wear Thor’s hammer. I follow a celtic path, and prefer the triqueta with circle of life interwoven or a triskel. Following Egyptian deities may lead you to wear an ankh.
    Yes, the pentacle tends to be more Wiccan, though i do know some non-wiccan pagans who where it, so it is not so cut and dry. I am not Wiccan, yet a pentacle is of significance to me, since it does represent the 5 elements in the circle of life (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). I also favour the YinYang… a lot of wonderful symbology there.
    No, not all paganism is considered witchcraft. Some pagans don’t do magick or spells… i don’t know any personally, but i hear they exsist.
    A witch is a wise person who works magick. They work to use their energy to bend the energy of life. Most witches try to keep Karmic Law (what you send out comes back 3 times over) in mind, so they do mostly healing and aiding. Kinda like praying for healing, but with more action and responsability.
    Wicca is a relatively new religion in and of itself, though Paganism is old as the hills. I follow a very old Irish Pagan tradition, and i am a witch. Most traditions go into Witchcraft, Shamanism, or a form of Druidery. Healers, seers and scholars. There is still room for other things, and those classifications have sub groups such as Bards are Scholars who deal with prose and song.
    I am feeling that i am getting off the question here though, so i should stop.
    In short: Every tradition has its own symbol and not all pagans are witches. But wiccans seem to be witches.

  8. As said above the pentacle is a wiccan symbol, however many pagans (non-wiccans) do use it to symbolize their beliefs. Now please correct me if I am wrong but here goes:
    All wiccans are witches
    Not all witches are wiccan
    All witches are Pagan
    but not all pagans are witches
    Sounds like an ACT question.
    I personally am a pagan and I chose the triquetra to symbolize my belief structure. I have it tattooed on my back and I were a triquetra pendant attatched to my dog tag everyday. I don’t go anywhere without it.

  9. It definitely isn’t a stupid question. I didn’t know myself until I read about it.
    You will find an in depth answer to your question.
    The synopsis though is: No the pentacle is only used in the Wiccan belief. There is no symbol for all naturalistic beliefs they all follow different symbols.Finally all the pagan beliefs contain an element of witchcraft .

  10. The pentacle is not a symbol off all pagans. It is used as a symbol in more than just Wicca but it is not used in all pagan faiths. I do not personally know of any one symbol that could be used to represent all forms of paganism. Perhaps a symbol of the tree of life, but I do not think all pagan faiths use that either although right off the top of my head I cannot think of one that does not have a story about the tree of life.
    Pagan covers far to many faiths and religions to be covered by one symbol.
    Witchcraft is a theory of magic use and is not a religion in and of itself. You do not even have to be a pagan to practice witch craft. Wicca has adopted the term witch for its practitioners which makes for some confusion. Many pagans practice witchcraft but it is not necessery to be a witch, to be pagan.
    Although I do not want to confuse you but I feel I also need to point out that you can do magic without being a witch. There are other theorys of magical practice.

  11. The pentagram is an ancient symbol. The earliest copies of it in the archaeological record are as the standard of the city of Jerusalem nearly 4000 years ago. Only in the days of the Roman occupation is it replaced with the hexagram.
    It belongs to NO RELIGION.

  12. The pentacle isn’t a symbol for all of Paganism. Wicca uses it, as does a number of near-Wiccan Pagans, but not every Pagan does. And, at the same time, not every use of the pentacle is Pagan, as it’s been used in a number of religions.
    There’s no one symbol that applies to all Pagans, and I’d even go so far as to say that there’s none that applies to most. The pentacle is probably the most common, but I’m not sure how much of a percentage of the community uses it. (Honestly, those of us who don’t use it are somewhat used to it being used for all of Paganism, we just don’t personally do so.)
    Not all forms of Paganism include an aspect of witchcraft, though some practicioners of those branches do add witchcraft to their personal practices. Some Pagan religions do consider it to be a part of their practice, but for the most part, witchcraft is religion-independant.

  13. Wicca is one of many Neopagan religions. Wiccan use the Pentagram (five pointed star) as the symbol of their religion, as Christians use the Cross or Jews use the Star of David. Ceremonial Magicians also make use of the Pentagram. Some non-Wiccan Pagans may also wear the Pentagram, but many other Pagan paths have their own symbols (Druids have the Triskellion, Heathens have the Hammer of Thor, etc.) While the Pentagram does go back to ancient Egypt and Greece, it was used in Medieval Grimoires as a protective amulet. The Victorian occult fraternity, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, used the Pentagram to represent the five Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. By tracing a pentagram in the air as a ritual gesture, a magician of the Golden Dawn could invoke or banish the energies of these Elements. Wicca took a lot from the Golden Dawn including the basic ritual structure, elemental tools (wand, cup, sword, and pantacle), and the symbol and ritual use of the Pentagram.
    Now, a Pentacle (or more properly Pantacle) is a ritual tool — it is a disk that has a symbol engraved on it. This symbol may be a Pentagram, but it doesn’t have to be. The Golden Dawn version used a Hexagram (Star of David). In Wicca, as well as the Golden Dawn, the Pentacle represents the element of Earth.


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