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pagan practices by Jehovah's Witnesses……?

I know, you’ve seen a lot of questions from me, about the Jehovah’s Witnesses….
I know JW’s are very against Pagan stuff. (no Christmas, Easter, and so on). so why is it that JW’s still wear a PAGAN wedding ring and worship Jehovah on a PAGAN “holy day” – Sunday?
“The wedding ring originated in Babylon, the cradle of civilization. The most ancient ring discovered there is in the shape of the eternal serpent. The image of the serpent biting its tail to form the circle of the ring is an ancient satanic symbol (***satanic ouroboros) . The same symbol is used by the Theosophy Cult. Satan as the serpent, that great dragon of Revelation 12, has by this symbol joined a man and a woman under his cult. …” http://jesus-messiah.com/html/wedding_rings.html
(I have not really read much on the topic, don’t know how accurate this article is. i’ve done some looking on wikipedia and haven’t found anything as detailed as this, so still looking…. but i have heard a LOT about the ring being a pagan thing).
and the origin of sunday worship: http://www.biblehistory.com/The%20Origin%20of%20Sunday%20Worship.html
Ladywolf! hey… i am not trying to “slander” you, or any JW. I am only trying to learn about the JW. I knew nothing at all except what I was told by other people about the JW. That’s why I am asking the questions that others have put in my head, to find out what YOU have to say about what YOU do. so please, if it upsets you that I ask about why you believe what you believe, then don’t answer the question. simple as that. (My best friend is a JW, btw. and we get along great, and we talk alot these days….. she just got baptized. this is why I suddenly have tonz of questions about what the JW are).
thanks to ALL of you for your answers. Very interesting, and helpful. I wish I could give you all a thumbs up, but I’m not at that level yet. 😉
Curious Jorge —-
I LOVE your answer! that is so fascinating. I never knew that. I wish I could pick two “best answers” yours would be my other best answer. =)


  1. heck, they don’t even follow the bible, so what do you expect? just like many more recent cults (such as mormons), they just make it up as they go along and say it was what god wanted.

  2. I’ve been studying the ring for awhile. It may not be Pagan, rather adopted by Pagans.
    In Genesis Rebekah wore a nose ring to show that she was married. That doesn’t mean it’s sanctioned by God, but it wasn’t necessarily Pagan either.
    As far as Sunday, I don’t know why they follow it either. I can never get a thorough and straight answer out of JW’s about that subject, but we’ll see what they have to say.

  3. You are right about the pagan history of the wedding ring.
    The JW’s hold meetings on Sundays just because most people are off work. In some cases where they have several congregations holding meeting in one Kingdom Hall, they will hold them on Saturdays.
    As you know they hold meetings on one or two evening during the week too.

  4. Everyone here has to keep in mind that nearly all religion is based off of Paganism.
    Catholic saints are nearly equivalent to the Pagan lesser deities, ALL OF THE HOLIDAYS come from original Pagan holidays, etc.
    So we need to keep in mind that Paganism paved the road for everyone so of course in religions we will see similarities.
    Actually the Pentacle was a symbol of the church for a LONG time until some Frenchmen gathered enough followers and deemed it evil. The Pentacle is far from evil…
    And a side note on the serpent. In most cultures it’s actually acquainted with knowledge, wisdom, and strength. So, you really can’t believe everything you read about the serpent.
    Blue Cross Blue Shield certainly isn’t evil. 😛
    As far as weddings. You should research Pagan Hand-Fasting.
    An interesting fact and some food for thought.
    Mary is also stolen from the Pagans. She’s just disguised.

  5. There are contradictions in history whether this practice originated from pagans or not. My wife and I personally have never used a ring, only when we were married. I tell her, what keeps us together is Jehovah and our love for one another, not a ring. And concerning your second accusation. we go to Bible meetings three times a week. Monday. Wednesday and Sunday Read Romans 14:5,6

  6. Hi!
    Rings of themselves are not associated with religion or worship unless they are made in the exact fashion.
    For example, decorating a tree with ornaments as described in Jeremiah 10 would be a pagan idolatry/religion custom. However, having a potted tree would not be.
    Many things were invented by pagans, yet were not associated with religion or worship festivals.
    There are perfumes and incenses for normal daily use (acceptable) and specific formula of both that are for pagan temple services (not acceptable).
    There are certain types of belts and necklaces that were pagan priests garments and would be unacceptable to wear and then regular belts and jewelry for normal/daily wear unconnected with gods/goddesses or the religions. Those would be ok.
    Even when faithful, the Jews traded with pagan nations. They just didn’t buy the idolatrous things, the things connected with pagan worship. Not every invention of pagans was connected to false worship though.
    The Jews also wore wedding rings. These customs did not come from religion customs, but from social ones. IE: In ancient Rome, the various families or “houses” had family insignia and when anyone married into the family, they were given the ring of the house (and they were literally shaped as houses for awhile).
    Like all things, you have to examine content. There are many things we use like cars that were invented by those not of our faith…hence they would be pagan but are secular, not connected with religion or false idols.

  7. Catholics use food to put on their alters to devote to Saints…….does that make all food pagan?
    There are benches and candles and drapes used in pagan churches…does that mean all these things are pagan?
    God instituted marriage. He told a man to stick to his wife and they are to respect each other. So what is wrong with giving a symbol of their love and respect to tell all others they are taken?
    Actually the pagan practice was ear rings…it showed who was a slave by the ring they wore in their ear.

  8. At the Kingdom Hall I attend, we have seven congregations meeting at all hours of the day and evening.
    We meet on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, for three different meetings a week for each congregation.
    So take your pick. If I need to be out of town to take care of my Mom, I go to a “Sunday” meeting on Saturday. And if I need to go to my grandson’s PTA open house on Tuesday, I just switch to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evening. And I can attend the congregation Bible study any day of the week BUT Sunday.
    We make our meeting arrangements on whatever is the best for the congregation and the open time slots available. It has nothing to do with any “pagan” day.
    By the way though, why was Sunday picked for Jesus’ resurrection if it were pagan? Couldn’t Jehovah have picked a better day so it would not have been “mistaken” or mixed up with a pagan day?
    We have many things in the “world” we live in that are pagan – calendar, days of the week, months of the year, names of planets, names of constellations, names of animals, names of plants, names of some people, names of cities, names of streets, – need I say more?
    I guess we could have them all renamed, or we could do as the Bible says, and be reasonable. We do not use any of those things, etc, in our worship. So if that is what the world wants to name them, that is fine.
    We wear a ring because that is an accepted way in THIS culture to be known as married. In other parts of the world, other things are used. But we do not use the ring in any false worship ceremony. And if I take my ring off and forget and walk out without it, which I have, I am still married, ring or not. My attitude, speech, and actions should reflect that I’m married.
    Thanks for being curious.

  9. Hey Jungle Girl, remember me?
    You tried to eat me alive for being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It seems like you don’t have anything better to do other than try to slander us.
    Do you think Jesus would want you to act like that? You claim to be Christian & to know your Bible, but doesn’t Jesus tell us to love our enemies? Jesus died for ALL people, including sinners like prostitutes, tax collectors, etc…Are you better than he is, because he wouldn’t go around just looking for fault in people? He would try to help people both spiritually & physically.
    If I come across your sites in the future I’m going to tell my friends not to waste their time in answering your so-called innocent questions. I really do feel sorry for you! And your mom too!! I hope you can get a life instead of trying to steal ours. Let’s see what kind of mean spirited things you can say about us now! ~Ladywolf~

  10. Rings are given in the sentiment of love. It doesnt matter what religion (or lack there of) you are.
    The eternal serpent represents the never ending circle of life. It is a kemetic symbol predating christianity, so it has no connection with satan at all (Satan being a christian myth).
    BTW:- EVERY day is a pagan holy day. Every day of the week is named for a pagan god/dess.

  11. Many interesting comments on this thread. Some have pointed out that in order to remove all traces of “paganism” from our daily lives, we would need to change the names of the days of the week and months of the year.
    Interestingly, for a brief period of time in the 1930s, Jehovah’s Witnesses attempted to do just that. In a series of articles in their “Golden Age” magazine (now called “Awake”), the Watch Tower Society introduced a new calendar with new names for the months of the year and days of the week. For example, the new days of the week were:
    – Monday: Lightday
    – Tuesday: Heavenday
    – Wednesday: Earthday
    – Thursday: Starday
    – Friday: Lifeday
    – Saturday: Mansday
    – Sunday: Godsday
    This didn’t last long. Judge Rutherford (perhaps rightly so) quickly realized that this was ridiculous and published a Watchtower article renouncing the new calendar.

  12. wearing a ring is a topic for each person to choose…It is a conscious matter…but it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation…and helps keep us sacred, showing an outward display of our vows!~
    if you question the wedding ring…consider that the amish men grow beards to symbolize their marriages….it depends on culture and the way that people are raised…It boils down to having an outward desplay of your vow to your mate!
    as far as worship on sunday i would have to do some further research as i can not answer that one blindly,,,
    good luck in your search

  13. It seems rather obvious that Jehovah’s Witnesses worship their God every day. If a local congregation schedules a meeting on Sunday, it is for local convenience rather than because of some specialness about the day.
    Similarly and interestingly, some Jehovah’s Witnesses do refuse to wear wedding rings because others have whined about some connection between the custom and pagans. But the nuptials of pagans also sometimes included the bride in white and wine for the guests.
    By contrast with more egregiously offensive paganisms, however, it seems rather obvious that all three of these aforementioned customs were explicitly involved in Biblical nuptials which please God and Christ.
    .. ..(Revelation 19:7,8, KJV) The marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white
    .. ..(John 2:2,3,7,11) Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the marriage feast. When the wine ran short…Jesus said to them: “Fill the water jars with water.” And they filled them to the brim. …Jesus performed this [miracle of turning water to wine]
    Similarly, it seems odd for critics of wedding rings to ignore what the Bible itself implies on the matter. Repeatedly in the Scriptures, presentations of jewelry are associated with tokens of approval for impending or recent nuptials among faithful Hebrews.
    …(Genesis 24:47-51) After that I asked [Rebekah] and said, ‘Whose daughter are you?’ to which she said, ‘The daughter of Bethuel [apparently, a known worshipper of Jehovah]…’ Accordingly I put the nose ring on her nostril and the bracelets on her hands… Bethuel answered and said: “…Here is Rebekah before you. Take her and go, and let her become a wife to the son of your master…”
    …(Ezekiel 16:8-12) And so you became mine. …And I went on to deck you with ornaments and to put bracelets upon your hands and a necklace about your throat. Furthermore, I put a nose ring in your nostril and earrings on your ears
    …(Jeremiah 2:32) Can a virgin forget her ornaments, a bride her breastbands?
    Imitating what was done by true worshippers in the Bible is hardly a cause for sincere criticism! And regardless of what a particular couple may choose to do, it is silly to pretend that Jehovah’s Witnesses require wedding rings or white dresses or wine at weddings since that is demonstrably false. The Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses does not “approve” this or that feature of a given wedding, but simply cautions its adherents to avoid what might seem to imply a tolerance for false worship. True Christians do so with the hope of pleasing God and Christ, rather than with the hope of placating opinionated troublemakers.

  14. u dont have xmas but u bastards take the holidays and we all pay for it
    u take the xmas hams at ur work
    but ur against it
    i dare u to let my comments go on
    u wont because jw’s have secrets
    and dont like to be questioned
    i will be back after the next so called end of world new world bullshit

  15. W do no partake in worldy issues such as voting but we are required to pay our taxes any food comes from the grocery store Jehova nor Jesus condemd anyone from eating.


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