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Out of body experience/astral projection- Monroe technique?

i read Robert Monroe’s book, and it had a pretty vague explanation on how to get vibrations. has anyone done it? can somebody explain it in detail
-after you imagine intersection lines 6 feet away, how big should the angle be in the end?
-to get vibrations should i open angles more? or narrow them? or simply increase the length of the line?
ill probably have more questions when these are answered


  1. I know a couple of ladies who get their vibrations from a battery. They say it’s a lot of fun! All those other vibrations expounded by Robert Monroe and others, are just hokum! Don’t fall for that junk!

  2. Out of body experience/astral projection is a devil’s lie.
    Drugs bring on these delusional trips.
    I for one don’t trust the finite mind of man no matter
    what he thinks or says if not from the Word of

  3. What is all that stuff? You don’t need to figure out vibrations to project. The best place to do this is you’re dreaming (since you’re already half way there). In your dream, remind yourself that you are dreaming. Tell yourself that you can fly and just do it. Once you learn how to fly, then you can go anyplace/anytime. After a while of being able to do this in your sleep you should be able to travel while meditating or daydreaming.
    Words of caution. It’s very rude to go into other people minds unless they invite you. They will not understand what is happening, unless they know what’s going on, and can project themselves. Also, any conversations that you have during these projections may come back to haunt you in this reality.

  4. No answer but some thoughts about your approach to this:
    I have not done much reading on this or found it necessary in my life. However I do have a great appreciation for the concept that the universe, and our view of it, is a matter of vibrations which all relate back to a time when the morning stars sang together.
    The idea of out of body is common among many occult pursuits and I have read of some pretty extreme situations. My first thought has been that the travel of the human imagination has been highly discounted and flights of fantasy may be more real then we realize. They have been known to separate people from vibrations of the work-a-day world and require institutional support in what still others are pleased to call reality.
    So may I provide a question I asked of myself long ago. Why not take your body with you? I think this came up for me because I read about some yoga who went off from his body for a long period of time. When he got back to his body he found one arm was lost to a serious state of decomposition.
    I would also note that the mystic out of body does not match the Biblical view. That view does not leave the body behind for it is part of our gift to function in this dimension. Perhaps waiting on an opportunity to instantly move from point A to point B is not interesting; since it is not planned or controlled but just happens when it needs to happen. Still there is something more.
    I would rather see the vibrational levels of the physical body raised or changed then enter an out of body experience and leave the body subject to death. A body with higher vibrational levels operates above and beyond much stress and disease; even though such things at lower levels continue to exist. We may only think of such as good health and diet, or getting or keeping in shape; but there is a spiritual condition that needs to be in concert also.

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  6. I recently read Monroe’s book and tried his technique. I aligned myself to magnetic north, started into the relaxation, got in deep, and immediately experienced a sudden surge of rather rough vibrations moving in from the top of my head. Later the vibrations have become fast and smooth. My advice, figure out what Monroe means about ‘pulling’ it in from the top of your head.


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