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Out Of Body Experience – Screaming and Vibrations?

I have been having these out of body experiences about once a week. I have them right when I wake up in the morning and close my eyes again.
I feel my self leave my body but usually I cannot see, I can only hear the vibrations that other people say they hear until this morning. I tried my hardest to open my eyes in my OBE and finally saw my bedroom. Soon as I opened them i heard screaming.. it was from many people.
Anyways the question I am getting to is why do people sometimes hear screaming and vibrations during sleep paralysis / OBE’s ?
Is it just my imagination or is it something else?
Thanks for your time.
I have not been to the doctors for it. I can awake myself whenever I want so that’s why I didn’t think it was sleep paralysis.
It’s not scary for me, I don’t mind it at all, in fact I find it interesting. If it doesn’t affect my health I don’t see the need to go to the doctors.


  1. Have you gone to the doctor? This is sleep paralysis. It can come from many things, you need to go see a doctor.
    I had this after having my daughter, it was brought on by the stress of having a new baby and lack of sleep! Once my daughter started sleeping through the night, it stopped.

    • I just had an experience around 10 minutes ago. I found it soo strange i had to hop on the computer to see if anyone else has had them.. My experience is that i was asleep.. then i was able to open my eyes in my room.. fully aware of what was going on. I didnt find that part weird, because of ive heard of sleep paralysis. I was unable to move.. and i found my breathing was strained. I tried hard to move my right hand and it took all i had to move my right hand. The weird part is that there was a woman screaming at me to “help her, they have me in the closet.” I could talk.. but it was strange because it wasnt coming out of my mouth.. it was more of a strained voice in my head. I asked my closet? and she kept screaming “Yes!”…after about a few seconds of trying to get up, it’s almost like a shockwave hit me. My senses came back and i was able to get up. I found this really strange and it shook me up quite a bit. I have no reason for making this up. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this soo i dont feel alone with this.

  2. I hear children screaming and heavy breathing during sleep paralysis. For me, it’s suppressed memories resurfacing while my mind is vulnerable. When I was a child, I would fall into a deep sleep to avoid the abuse in my home. The things that I heard while in this state come back to me when I return to it.

  3. the experiences are real, but what you are hearing and what not aren’t It is just sleep paralysis, I tend to get it if I eat a lot of garlicy oniony foods … They can be fun but yours sound really kinda creepy!! (though mine are annoying to since i can’t move and get frustrated!!)

  4. WOW
    I too had this experiences many years ago.
    It is not your imagination, As my Father told me, He said I was filled with demons, at the time I laughed, but then I started to think about it, and It totally freaked me out!
    I prayed, in the name of YHWH, the one true god, and since then, NOTHING like that ever happened to me agian!


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