Our sense of self, consciousness, personality, and so on is demonstrably contained within our brain?

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How can anyone defend the concept of an afterlife? It is physically impossible

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Once the bloodflow stops, the brain starts dying in a matter of seconds. Once the brain dies, all the things that you listed die with it. After that, worm food or ashes. Evidently ‘Harliquin’ (sic) has never heard of a Cat Scan or an MRI.

God's servant

no it is in our soul
our brain allows us to express the heart of who we are
if the brain is damaged what we are still exits but can not be expressed because of the damage we have to our brain.

The Solitary Harliquin

Have you ever seen your brain? Seeing is Believing…but I have never seen my brain, does that mean it doesn’t exist???
Also Yes, the concept of an afterlife is physically impossible since it is a spiritual matter and not physical…
Evidently LouisWu (sic) does not know what a metaphor is… numb-nuts…geez *rolls eyes*


While I certainly believe you to be correct, the issue has not been proven completely. Further, there is that nagging doubt related to active and somehow accurate psychics. So let’s just say I’m content to agree but with the reservation that being human, I could be wrong, however unlikely that might be in this case.


The identity of self is contained within our brain.
The experience of self is an emergent property of the matter/energy system that is our brain.
Either way, when the brain stops working, we cease to exist.

Elsie Treize

I agree. I was under general anesthetic 2 days ago. Only for about 20 minutes. Totally different from falling asleep at night. When you sleep naturally, you roll over many times, perhaps you notice the time on your alarm clock. Perhaps you hear rain on the window. Maybe you hear an emergency vehicle somewhere.
After general anesthetic, it’s as if you’ve lost that time. Absolutely no memories during that time. No awareness at all. Death is like that, except you don’t wake up. Once I asked here, what is heaven like, and no one knew how to answer.


We all live forever. Those of us who make the choice to believe in and obey Jesus Christ live forever in paradise. Those who reject Christ live in eternal torment. What you think or believe in regard to what I just wrote doesn’t change the fact that this is exactly what happens. My wish for you personally is that you’ll choose to be part of Christ’s promises, and thus not choose to be part of the second group who’ll bring down his judgement on their own heads. Hell will be a private place of suffering. Most people will go there, but they won’t be comforted by anyone else. There’s no comfort in the great numbers there.


Based on studies of how people change with various kinds of brain damage, I think the answer is a resounding yes. But if miracles happen, then there is no point wondering about anything real.

John Popelish


Is it really physically impossible?
First let me preface this by saying, I don’t believe in a place where we all go and sing songs to god.
But, when you burn a piece of paper, does it disappear? No. It transforms to heat that goes into the cosmos, ash that falls to the ground, and smoke that becomes a cloud then someday rain.
There is a little something a french scientist named Lavosier discovered that really wasn’t new at all. No energy or matter can be created or destroyed, merely everything is converted.
Your body will be converted to energy, life, for other beings into infinity. Beginning with worms and moving up the food chain.
So, as you yourself said, this consciousness wherein we experience all phenomena is a property of the phenomena wherein it is produced. What of it? This goes for all phenomena and not merely that of the body. If there was no sun, there would be no you.
I view the cosmos as a kaleidoscope, the cosmic material is continually being recycled as the result of action, otherwise known as karma, to produce variation.
The essential matter that comprises what you call a self is a construction of something beyond consciousness–lets call that the ground of being: perhaps it’s like a point beyond space and time wherein the “big bang” occurred, maybe it’s more like a black hole.
That point is what is meant by the “Mind” beyond birth and death.


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