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our our sons safe in a society where sexism against men is "justice" for women?

Because men oppressed women for hundreds of years?
Example of answers I found disturbing about “if society is sexist against men”:
Answer 1: “For the length of time that men had the advantage and oppressed women, I say we are just getting started.
But not really because I am more of a humanist than a feminist…but you get my point!”
Answer 2: “karma society is doing to men what it did to women for hundreds of years so put on your big girl panties and deal with it”
And they say sexism, I mean feminism, is about equality when it’s clear as crystal the mentality it instills in women is “Payback time”.


  1. Since half of your ancestors were female, then that would make YOU [a male, I presume] a victim of past female oppression, as surely as any modern female would be.
    Since every female alive today is descended from a long line of MEN, then every woman alive has benefits from past female oppression, because any advantage that their male ancestors had was used to benefit the family — specifically, the children.
    Here is some suggested reading for you:

  2. i know it pi**es me off too,todays feminists were not even around when women were oppressed so i don’t know what the f*ck their problem is.

  3. I totally agree. One of the most frightening things about feminism today is that it shows not awareness of when to quit. Feminists talk in terms of ‘we have a long way to go’… I mean WTF do they want?? They are already in the UK trying to close women’s prisons and reopen them as men’s, presumably because they are changing laws to to go easy on women and be harsh on men (all evidenced in section 4 here http://freewebs.com/feminism-evaluated ).
    What chance to boys stand growing up in this culture? It’s difficult for them that’s for sure. You can understand why they either just chill with their X boxes, become proto-ganstas, or wussie little manginas. Even some ex-feminists like Doris Lessing have admitted that feminism has created a climate that crushes boys and inflates the egos of girls.

  4. As long as organized crime swells, sexism will continue against men. They sure corrupted society a whole lot.
    I totally agree.

  5. Boys aren’t safe at any place where feminism is the dominant ideology, it’ll always try to justify hatred against the male gender with its own mythical “female oppression” – at whatever time period.

  6. “Even some ex-feminists like Doris Lessing have admitted that feminism has created a climate that crushes boys and inflates the egos of girls.”
    This one hits home so hard with me. I grew up to “ladies first”, “never hit a girl even if she attacks you”, “girls rule, boys drool”, and “sugar/spice vs slugs/snails”. No adult ever gave a crap about the girls teasing the boys but if one of the guys even dreamed ot upsetting the girls there was WAR.
    It’s hard in that climate not to grow up feeling like the world just doesn’t like boys as much as it likes girls and that just because of what you have between your legs adults don’t like you. It always hurt. Always.
    That is the single and only reason I am anti feminist. Women have equal rights in the West. they do not deserve privileges, NOBODY does. the law should never differentiate between one person or another except on the grounds of age or psychological disabilities, and neither should society.
    Did any of you ever watch teen comedies like Saved by the Bell as kids?
    Why is it that whenever some girl humiliates Zack in front of everyone, it’s a LOL moment for the audience, but on the (rare) occasions when it’s Jessie or Kelly it’s an AWWWWWW moment?
    This may seem like a trivial analogy but when every single bit of the media delights in taking pot shots at you, how are you supposed to have any self confidence at all? This is why guys my age are so awkward around girls and tend to be so shy etc. We were raised with the idea that they were automatically better than us.

  7. Why should my son suffer for someone else’s misdeeds he is a boy he is not responsible
    John A
    I didn’t sow it so why should I reap it?
    Hatrick P
    I hear ya, lost count on the number of times girls hit boys in the schoolyard;
    that was supposed to be fair!!!!!!

  8. This is a touchy area. I have a 3 year old son. Myself and the other mothers of sons are already geared up to protect ours. Seriously, normal boy stuff isn’t tolerated in this society any more, boys are treated/expected to be less intelligent and more poorly behaved starting in Pre-K, and it will be really sad in about 10 years these 20-something super-achieving gals are not going to have good marriage partners. It will bite us all in the behind, like the gender imbalances in Asia.


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