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Our boys safe in a society where sexism against men is "justice" for women?

Because men oppressed women for hundreds of years?
Example of answers I found disturbing about “if society is sexist against men”:
Answer 1: “For the length of time that men had the advantage and oppressed women, I say we are just getting started.
But not really because I am more of a humanist than a feminist…but you get my point!”
Answer 2: “karma society is doing to men what it did to women for hundreds of years so put on your big girl panties and deal with it”
This isn’t the only time I have seen thngs like that. I have seen many people here, whenever sexism against men and boys is brought up say things like, “Well women were oppressed for thousands of years” or “the patriarchy used to oppress women”. Whenever issues involving men’s rights come up some people say things like “Men have had all their rights since the beginning of time, so why should we focus on that”.
And they say sexism, I mean feminism, is about equality when it’s clear as crystal the mentality it instills in women is “Payback time”.


  1. that seems to be the same argument for affirmative action , the fact is in the past they were not required to get jobs, often leached off of their husbands and were treated with chivalry and did not serve in war while men did not have any of those options , so their claims of oppression are exaggerated in my eyes
    i agree it seems to be about revenge mostly, but their are some who want equality i suppose

  2. If girls want to be treated equally then they need to accept that their just as capable of sexism as men are and that it’s just as distasteful when they do it.

  3. Half the people in my life are women, and none of them I know are looking for “payback”. Don’t you think if they were Hillary Clinton would have gotten the Democratic nomination?

  4. Look up feminism on google “Feminism definition” – ok got it? Now look up masculism.
    Did you see it? … Yep disgusting.
    P.S Women were never really THAT oppressed – women in US have however, been brainwashed since early ages to hate men and that reflect on their actions.

  5. I’ve seen that answer before but too busy to report it, plus I am, just as many people here are exhausted fighting such lies.
    But I am answer this for you to see personally:
    1/ It is a MYTH that women have been exploit throughout 250 000 years of history. It’s a LIE through and through, it’s a straight out “plagiarized copy” from Communist Textbook that “The poor have always been exploited by the rich, such that communism is the ONLY way to fix this injustice.” Look, now the Chinese communists have been exploited their OWN honest workers 100 TIMES more than capitalist west.
    2/ Man-haters are Extremists, through and through. I have a few quote for you on these extremist:
    And how do we fight them? I have a warning from one of the best philosopher for you:
    Let’s us be united, men & women of dignity, to fight against this new version of communism under the cloak of Women’s Rights.

  6. No lack for pessimism in this question either. Was it not “(seism)”, or my I forgot that ever important X chromosome, excuse me. Was it not sexism that sparked the fire of feminism? What Karma has to do with any of this? I would not have the slightest idea of why one one would suggest such a pool of injustice had any thing to do with any thing except for maybe bad karma for who ever questions the decency of equality.

  7. Sexism is not “justice” for women and boys should be fine. “Payback” is helpful to no one. It is rather narrow minded to believe feminism and sexism are the same, they are not. At first I thought you were either jumping to conclusions or overly sensitive based on few stupid answers you have seen here, but your last sentence explains you have issues with the subject and it is a personal problem.

  8. dont worry yr priviledges are safeguided, u always had them and u will die with them…
    sharing a piece of that isnt so bad is it…

  9. You may have had a b*tch for a mother, but I didn’t. So I don’t feel that way at all. there is justice without victims ya know.

  10. for everyone who says women were not oppressed: What about not allowing us to vote in the US until the 1920’s?? So you’re saying that wasn’t sexism?
    I don’t, however, agree that sexism towards men is right. sexism is just wrong in general (I definetely am not sexist against men, and don’t personally know any women who are either…)


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